Animal Science Summer Camps for Teens

Want to be be a vet? Broadreach animal science summer camps for teens are a great way to find out.

Teens jump on Costa Rica beach during animal science camp

Our animal science camps for teens are the perfect mix of fun and discovery.

On our animal science summer programs for middle school and high school students, teens will volunteer in wildlife rescue centers and research stations, learning alongside experts in gorgeous locations. As they explore professional paths involving work with animals, students will also perform community work that helps them gain practical skills in animal care, conservation and preventative medicine.

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Get unprecedented access to veterinarians and conservationists, putting new skills to use in real-life situations.

In wildlife rescue centers, field stations, animal hospitals or out in the rainforest, learn alongside experts in settings no classroom can match. Explore exciting topics in conservation, biology and animal science, and watch them come to life through hands-on activities and research. For years, we’ve taken students like you on hands-on, field biology adventures in real-world settings.

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Animal Science Program Highlights

  • Shadow veterinarians and other animal care professionals to gain insight into different animal science career options.
  • Work with a variety of domestic animals, livestock, exotic animals and even wildlife in difference settings, including clinics, animal rescues and farms.
  • Earn veterinary experience hours, community service hours and even college credits on high school programs!
  • Try out whitewater rafting, kayaking, snorkeling, ziplining, canyoning or other adventure activities!
  • Bond with a small group of other animal-loving teens in locations like Costa Rica and the Bahamas.
  • Academics are led by instructors who are experts in their field - veterinary medicine, marine biology, conservation biology or animal science.
vet summer camps for high school students

Work with animals every day while exploring the tropical paradise of Costa Rica!


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Since 1993, Broadreach has led students in active and highly facilitated small-group experiences abroad that encourage growth, teamwork, relationship building, inclusivity and responsibility while traveling. We create mind-blowing summer programs for teens to actively learn, explore and build skills through hands-on discovery and interaction with the world’s oceans, ecosystems and wildlife.