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Bahamas Island Wildlife Explorer

For the wildlife lover who’s excited to explore the different roles of animal care professionals, this adventure provides a wide breadth of hands-on interactions. Learn from conservation center professionals, vets at the Humane Society, marine life researchers and, of course, the Broadreach instructors! We love this program for students looking for an engaging, fun-filled island experience.

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Goats Bahamas summer animal science camp Broadreach
Teens kayaking adventure on animal science camp in Bahamas
Middle schoolers with puppies on animal science camp program

Day 1-2

It’s better in The Bahamas

Arrive in sunny Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas, ready to take your first steps on a unique wildlife care adventure. Once the group takes a little time to get to know one another, you’re off to sea kayak in turquoise Bahamian waters. Keep an eye out for various marine species to see which ones you can identify, or simply soak up the beauty of this underwater paradise. After a delicious and authentic Bahamian lunch, hike enchanting boardwalks in Primeval Forest National Park and witness beautiful limestone caverns (a.k.a. sinkholes) – you are clearly in the Bahamas now.


Day 3-5

Go behind the scenes

At a local zoo and conservation center, your team will be given unprecedented access to a fascinating array of animal species including iguanas, lemurs, parrots, snakes and more. Spend the days working alongside veterinarians and animal experts as they feed the animals, practice animal husbandry and teach the group capture and restraint techniques. Observe the resident flamingo colony and contribute to anecdotal research projects. Resident doctors join you for a day dedicated to the science of necropsy, a key component of veterinary medicine. Put your scalpel and suture skills to the test during a necropsy lab, later walking over to the nearby Humane Society. The staff works hard to serve the many stray animals and pets of the island, so they’re happy to have some extra hands! Rotate through different exam rooms, observe spay and neuter surgeries, assist with the daily needs of the center, and gain confidence in your growing animal care abilities. The days are busy, so you’ll take time to unwind each night by checking out the nearby beaches and cool off with sunset swims in the Bahamian sea.


Day 6-8

Aquatic adventure

Nassau may not be the biggest of the Bahamian islands, but there is so much to do! Partner up with local conservationists and snorkel with your friends in the picturesque sculpture gardens off the coast. Spend a relaxing day kayaking along the coast and get a different perspective of the island. Then, with a renewed love of the marine species, get a behind-the-scenes tour of an aquatic veterinary medicine lab. Here, the group discovers how vets and marine biologists work together to care for seals, stingrays and dolphins.

Day 9-12

Put your new skills to work

Missing the cuddly puppies, mischievous raccoons, and sneaky reptiles, you’ll return to the conservation center and humane society. You will spend a few days contributing to their rescue efforts and assisting with additional tasks that benefit the welfare of the animals under their care. Later, you’ll travel across the island to spend the day on a farm. Here, you’ll put your skills to the test while assisting vets as they vaccinate and inspect goats’ health. You will be rewarded with a beachside picnic lunch, complete with fresh-picked mangos and coconuts. Your final day is spent soaking in special time with your tight-knit group as you enjoy snorkeling excursions above some of the ocean’s most beautiful reef ecosystems. Say goodbye for now to this amazing place and awesome friends, vowing to return for more adventures soon!

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