Trip Itinerary

Middle School Adventures

Grenadines Advanced Alumni-only Scuba Voyage

This program is for the adventurous Broadreacher who wants to go on the voyage of a lifetime! You’ll explore new diving environments, specialties and certifications, along with the fun and friendships of living aboard a catamaran.

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Caribbean windward island seen on Broadreach teen scuba camp
Teens after in ocean after scuba dive on advanced teen scuba program
Two Broadreach scuba sail boats anchored in private cove on advanced scuba camp

Day 1-4

Welcome back!

Meet your fellow Broadreachers, hop aboard and get oriented to your floating home for the next three weeks. A first sail takes you to a calm bay where you’ll get back in the water (woo!) with a check-out dive. Your skills refreshed, you’ll dive straight into some Advanced certification training – navigation, night diving and identifying fish are all on the agenda.


Day 5-8

Into the groove

Finishing up your Advanced certifications is a breeze as you work your way to being a drift diving expert in the next phase of your adventure. The crew works as a team to raise the sails and head south to St. Vincent, passing key locations from the “Pirates of the Caribbean” films along the way. The highlight of your stay here is a dive to the Bat Cave, which is a scuba adventure like no other (and just as cool as the name suggests!). The whole time, you’ll work as a team, helping one another sail and keep the boat ship-shape.


Day 9-12

Bequia is beautiful

We love our next stop, Bequia, and it’s easy to see why – classic sandy beaches, lush rainforest and quaint fishing towns make for amazing scenery. Below the water, the diving is stunning: sloping, pristine reefs and abundant wildlife make it the ideal location to make a start on your Rescue Diver certification. You’ll also take some time to give back, working on community service projects with local organizations.


Day 13-17

Rescue skills on point

The Tobago Cays are the perfect place to complete your Rescue certification as you island hop from one tiny island to another. Check out white sand and turquoise waters as you play games and picnic on the beach between classes. Your instructors are sure to come up with some crafty scenarios to test you and your crew’s new first aid and Rescue skills. A beach barbeque with friends finishes off your picture-perfect experience here.


Day 18-21

Rounding out the trip of a lifetime

The last few days of your adventure offer some of the coolest and most challenging dives – you’ll work on specialties as you take in sites like no other. You’ll drift along walls that drop into the blue and explore the unique underwater sculpture garden as we arrive in Grenada. It’s known as “spice island” – you’ll smell the scent of nutmeg, cinnamon and the native tropical flowers float in the air. Oh, and don’t forget to stop at the chocolate factory for some treats for those back home! Lastly, a farewell dinner allows you to say goodbye to your new friends and plan your next adventure together.

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