Trip Itinerary

Middle School Adventures

Caribbean Intro to Marine Biology

Students on this trip want to dive a little deeper and learn more about the creatures they’re seeing while earning scuba certifications. A great introduction to learning with Broadreach – a combination of diving, sailing and marine biology instruction – along with the fun and friendships you would expect from a liveaboard adventure.

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Day 1-3

Bond with crew mates and push off toward adventure

Join a small crew of teens who all share a passion for marine biology and have the curiosity to explore it with purpose. Settle into your yacht and get accustomed to the pace of life aboard. Days start early! Share all of the responsibilities, from sailing to keeping your home “ship-shape”. Over the next two weeks you will be the skipper, first mate, navigator, dive safety officer and chef for this journey. Waste little time and head west from Anse Marcel while everyone works towards earning a PADI diving certification. On board, lectures on fish identification and coral reef ecology immediately come to life underwater. On Day 4, sail toward rocky and uninhabited Ile Fourche to wrap up your in-water dive skills and complete the certification requirements. Off in the distance, you can see the coastlines of Saba, Statia and St. Barts, and think of all the marine species that await our arrival.


Day 4-6

Lab class meets underwater

Greet the day in St. Barts with a little wakeboarding fun, or take it slower with your feet dangling off the side of the boat, marveling at the incredible sunrise. Dive Colombier beach and take note of fish schooling, pairing, and predation behaviors you see down below. Everyone has something incredible to share when they get back on the boat. Here, you’ll also discover how waves and currents affect the reef systems you just finished diving. You could spend the entire 12 days here mapping fish and coral species and enjoying St. Barts. There’s still so much more to see!


Day 7-9

Bring it all together in Saba

On to Saba, where the island’s protected outer ring is one giant marine biology classroom and lab. Studies come full circle with discussions on fish life cycles, symbiotic relationships, morphology and more. It’s here where you shift to a working diver. Take a minute to appreciate the awe-inspiring pinnacles that rise over a hundred feet from the ocean floor and break the surface of the water, then dive down and get to work. At various sites that surround Saba, you’ll run transect lines underwater and take a census of the different types of habitats formed around the pinnacles. A final hike to the top of the aptly named Mt. Scenery provides a perfect vantage point to take note of all you’ve accomplished in such a short time.


Day 10-12

Picture perfect Tintamarre

Saving the best for last, sail on to the picture perfect, deserted island of Tintamarre just off the coast of St Martin. The white sand and crystal clear water provide the ideal setting for your final day in the Caribbean. Do one last dive on the wreck of the Remorquer. After nightfall, head to the beach for a campfire with your shipmates. As you toast marshmallows under the starry sky you reflect on your adventure. Twelve people who were strangers have become a team; working together, learning from each other and building lifelong friendships.

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