Trip Itinerary

Middle School Adventures

Caribbean Advanced Blue Water Voyage

If you’re already scuba certified and ready for the next challenge, then this program is for you! A dive-intensive, liveaboard trip that most middle schoolers can only dream of – work all the way up to Master Scuba Diver and see the best diving the Leeward Islands has to offer.

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Teen scuba diving on Broadreach middle school scuba camp
Student on sunrise hike on Caribbean middle school summer camp
Students hiking through Saba jungle on Caribbean middle school adventure camp

Day 1-2

Jump into the Broadreach lifestyle

Meet your crew, grab your gear and board your boat as you settle into life on a 45-foot catamaran in St. Martin! A short sail to Grand Case orients you to the workings of your floating home and the team you’ll be working with for the next three weeks. Splash in for your first check out dive at Creole Rock – it’s a chance to brush up on essential skills and get reoriented to the water.


Day 3-5

Venture to Anguilla

The long, thin island of Anguilla is not far away, but most Broadreachers don’t get to visit… you do, though! You will sail to the beautiful, quiet bays and white sand beaches, diving along the way. It’s a great place to start working on your Advanced certification and EFR training. Keeping the boat ship-shape is also a responsibility that comes with boat life, but the clean up dance parties certainly make it fun!


Day 6-7

Getting acquainted with Advanced Open Water

A visit to Ile Fourche and St. Barts is next, a chance to practice tacking the boat and learn about points of sail. The dive sites here are perfect for finishing up your Advanced training and spotting all your favorite creatures, including barracuda, turtles and lobsters. There’s time for some hiking to a bodysurfing beach, and even a stop in town for some delicious ice cream.


Day 8-9

Stunning Statia

Statia is famous for its diving, and is truly an advanced divers paradise (especially some of the wrecks!). You’ll work on your Nitrox certification, which is essential for the adventurous diver. Ever hiked on a volcano? You can here – the Quill is a towering peak with rainforest canopy shading the trails. It’s well worth the climb to the top! You will round out your exploration of Statia with some community service and dinner ashore watching the sunset.


Day 10-12

Sails and skills in Nevis

The sail to Nevis is your longest one yet, but working with your team makes it a breeze. After your helm watch is done, relax on deck as flying fish accompany us along the way. We start Rescue certification training here, learning key techniques that will help other divers in the water. Your instructors are sure to come up with some sneaky scenarios to help put your training into practice! In between classes, try out some wakeboarding or paddleboarding in the calm waters around you.


Day 13-16

Saba awaits!

Our next stop is Saba, an island like no other in the Caribbean. The towering landscape literally rises out of the ocean before you, and the diving is spectacular – pinnacles, walls that drop off into the blue, and fringing reefs hiding so many critters. Look out for reef sharks, nudibranchs and porcupine fish as you explore Tent Reef Wall, Man O War Shoals and Diamond Rock. On land, you will work on your final community service project and visit the charming towns of Windwardside and The Bottom.


Day 17-21

Last few dives in paradise

Your trip is coming to an end, but there’s time for the crew to do a few more dives! The boat will head back to St. Martin, exploring the Dutch side of the island as well as landing at Tintamarre for our final stop. The white sand of the beach and the blue of the ocean will stay with you long after the trip is done. Next, it’s time for one last wreck dive on the little tugboat before we have to say goodbye to our floating home.

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