Trip Itinerary

Middle School Adventures

Belize Reefs + Rainforests

This program is for the adventurous, up-for-anything student who is ready to build their independence and explore the world. It provides a land-based opportunity for novice divers to explore one of the world’s largest barrier reefs as well as the inland rainforests. Start a dive certification journey while also exploring the wild ecosystems of Belize!

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Manatees seen in Belize on marine biology summer program for middle school students
Toucan seen in Belize on Broadreach middle school summer program
Mayan ruins in Belize seen on Broadreach summer program

Day 1-3

Welcome To Belize

As you land in Belize, your Broadreach instructors enthusiastically welcome you and the group prepares to embark on the adventures to come. Although the national language is English, everything else about this Central American country is new and breathtaking! Everyone settles into the cozy accommodations and becomes quick friends through program orientations and games. The first few days are packed with activities, including a caving adventure through underwater rivers that showcases the remains of the ancient Mayan civilization.

Day 4-7

Rainforest exploration

After a few days acclimating to the new surroundings, you bump along jungle roads deeper into the forest. Start your adventure off with an invigorating hike through the Belize rainforest as you learn about jungle flora and fauna along the way. After your walk, cool off in the refreshing emerald pools at the top of the falls. From the top, you can enjoy the breathtaking views and see all the way to the Caribbean Sea. Experience the thrill of a ziplining adventure and rappelling through the colorful canopy as you explore one of Belize’s largest national parks. Let your imagination run wild as you visit the habitat of some of Belize’s nocturnal animals. If you are lucky you may see the tracks of one of Belize’s wild cats (jaguar, puma, ocelot, margay or jaguarondi). You might even spot foxes, armadillo, paca, bats, owls and kinkajou. There is something magical about walking in the rainforest at night as you enjoy the beauty of the moon shining through the forest canopy.

Day 8-12

Island life

The salty ocean breeze welcomes you to the final portion of the program. Days here are filled with marine adventures, including working on your PADI Open Water Diver certification, snorkeling the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef drop-off and more activities during your free time. Shallow waters are teeming with vibrant fish and you learn the importance of preserving the country’s most popular natural attractions, its coral reefs. Search hard, and if you’re lucky you may even spot a stingray or shark! Plastic pollution is a worldwide problem, so the group gives back to this community by contributing to their clean-up effort. Spend your last night gathered around good food, celebrating all the amazing things you have experienced and learned.


Reefs + RainforestsJune 22 - July 3, 2021$4,680UnavailableEnroll Now
Reefs + RainforestsJuly 5 - July 16, 2021$4,680UnavailableEnroll Now