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Red Sea Alumni-only Scuba

This program is for the Broadreach alumni adventurer who wants to take it back to one of Broadreach’s first diving program locations – Egypt. Dive on world famous wrecks and reefs, work on your Rescue diver and a host of other specialties, all while experiencing the incredible culture that surrounds you!

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Day 1-8

Dive right in

The adventure begins when you arrive in Cairo and fly straight to Marsa Alam on the Egyptian Red Sea coast. Settle into your new home for the next 6 days, traditional huts just steps away from the beach in the old fishing village of Marsa Um Tondoba. This off the beaten track, eco-friendly oasis is all about scuba and is world renowned for its dazzling reefs and abundance of marine life! With unlimited access to shore diving and some of the best dive sites in the Red Sea just a boat ride away, we won’t waste any time before getting into the water!

Once you’ve gotten the lay of the land it’s time dive, dive, dive! Head out to explore Shaab Samadai, a stunning horseshoe shaped reef that is home to a school of spinner dolphins. Plunge below on Abu Dabab, a collection of reefs that is home to dugongs, giant pufferfish, guitar sharks and blue spotted rays. Discover vertical walls covered in brightly colored soft corals at Check Point and Marsa Mikki. Take a break from diving to embark on a camel trek through Wadi El Gamal, the breathtaking desert national park known as ‘Valley of the Camels,’ and enjoy the beauty of the rugged dunes and canyons. After feasting on a meal of local cuisine, watch the moon rise over the sea and spend the evening in a Bedouin tent lined with colorful rugs and cushions enjoying a cup of karkade tea.


Day 9-11

Explore the Egyptian desert

During this portion, students will travel from the coast inland to the ancient city of Luxor. From there they will explore the famous Valley of the Kings where Egypts pharaohs and powerful nobles were buried in extravagant tombs for 500 years from the 16th to 11th century BC. From there the group will set off into the Sahara Desert on 4×4 jeeps over a sea of dunes. There, students will find the “the lost city” and get to experience what it is like to camp true desert oasis.


Day 12-19

Set sail

Ready to get back into the water after exploring on land, swap your sandals and shades for masks and wetsuits and embark on an epic 7-day liveaboard scuba adventure. A highlight of our voyage is the Straits of Tiran where we dive the world-famous reefs of Gordon, Thomas, Woodhouse and Jackson. These circular reefs start on the floor of the Red Sea and come towering toward the surface, offering some of the most spectacular diving in the world and, hopefully, plentiful opportunities to spot some hammerhead sharks and huge pelagics. Dive Shark and Yolanda Reefs, well-known for their schools and schools of giant fish, curious sea turtles and endless colors. Once the epic live-aboard voyage comes to an end, make your way back to Hurghada for one last night before traveling home, and spend the evening reliving the adventures together and saying goodbye to the newest members of your Broadreach family.

Alumni-only Scuba July 5 - July 23, 2021 $7,180 Available Enroll Now