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Philippines Scuba

For the certified student who’s ready for adventurous diving in a magical place, you will earn your Advanced Open Water certification as well as specialties like Nitrox as you dive, dive and dive some more! Get ready for classic desert island vibes as you spot wildlife only found in this environment, both above and below the water.

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Wild galago seen on Philippines scuba summer camp
Students swimming in waterfall in Philippines on summer scuba program
Teens after night dive on teen scuba diving camp

Day 1-6

Bubbling water

Flying into the Visayan Islands of the Philippines is an experience in and of itself.  Cruising over neon bright turquoise water, you can spot immense coral reefs and lush green islands. Once you land on Cebu Island, you board a traditional Philippine bangka and cruise to Moalboal. Translated as “bubbling water” in Filipino, Moalboal doesn’t disappoint with water filled to the brim with schools of sardines and fish of every species. Beyond the world class dive sites, you get a chance to explore the stunning scenery. Venture to waterfalls, take a dip in natural springs, and bask in the feel and flavor of local markets.


Day 7-10

Scuba diving paradise

Another lovely boat ride takes us to the oasis that is the central Visayan islands of Apo and Siquijor. While it is tough to leave your accommodations nestled along picturesque beaches, your new spot is even more breathtaking. Here, learning new dive skills goes into full swing. With a chance to earn advanced diving specialties including AWARE Shark Conservation, you hone your skills and face new challenges. Every dive is a treasure hunt, both day and night, as you befriend giant frogfish, ghost pipefish, turtles, and spanish dancers.  When not below the water, you take in the sites of the islands and give back to the local community.


Day 11-14

Turtles and tarsiers

While the island of Cabilao might be small in size, it is large on new diving experiences. If you are lucky, you might spot an elusive hammerhead shark, but only if you can take your eyes off of giant sea fans and sponges as you drift along on exhilarating wall dives. Across the channel you meet and greet the Philippine tarsier, consistently voted the world’s cutest primate, in Bohol’s Chocolate Hills, and discover the prehistoric legends of nearby Anda village.


Day 15-21

Home of the thresher shark

For your grand finale, visit the island paradise of Malapascua; one the few places in the world where shy pelagic thresher sharks can be spotted. Other inhabitants of Malapascua include the trifecta of rays, manta, devil, and eagle as well as the elusive flamboyant cuttlefish and blue ringed octopus.  On Malapascua, your days will be busy and full but evenings laid back and relaxed as you take in vibrant sunsets from the comfort of your hammocks. End your time with a beach celebration, reflecting on your unbelievable adventures together.

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