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Caribbean 21-Day Scuba + Sailing Voyage

This trip is for those wanting the quintessential Broadreach experience – three weeks of scuba diving, navigating the winds on a boat, exploring nearby islands and more. Find your passions and create new friendships, pushing off into the summer experience of a lifetime.

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Coral seen on Caribbean scuba dive voyage
Teen scuba diving on Broadreach dive voyage
Teens on Broadreach Caribbean sailboat adventure

Day 1-3

Begin to speak the language of the sea

These first few days are busy as you meet your crew and get sized up with your dive gear before heading out to your home for the next three weeks. Settle into your yacht and get accustomed to the pace of life aboard. Days start early! We share all of the responsibilities, from sailing to keeping our home “ship-shape”. Over the next three weeks you will be the skipper, first mate, navigator, dive safety officer and chef for this journey. Learn the language of the sea as our yacht slices through wind and wave on our first sail to Grand Case.


Day 4-7

Make St. Barts your own personal playground

St. Barts feels like the French Riviera, très français. Perfect beaches, turquoise waters and shallow reefs teeming with life. A short hike takes us to the body surfing beach at Anse Flamands on the windward side of the island. The town of Gustavia is perhaps the nicest in the entire Caribbean with cool shops, yummy crepes and homemade mango ice cream. After a day in town experience the thrill of a pinnacle dive at ‘La Baleine’ point.


Day 8-13

Put your sailing skills to the test

The picturesque postcard island of Nevis boasts 11 miles of magnificent beaches and calm coves perfect for water skiing, wake boarding and fun on the water. Put your sailing skills and teamwork to the test as you compete head-to-head with other Broadreach boats on Broadreach Race Day! Set sail to St. Kitts, which boasts rolling hills, beautiful coastlines and reef walls that drop off into the abyss. Dive the Wreck of the River Taw, then step back into colonial history by hiking up to Brimstone Hill Fort. Cannons, pirates and the rum trade are just part of the story here.


Day 14-15

Explore one of the largest wreck dives

Raise the main and sail to St. Eustatius, also known as Statia. There are almost no hotels or tourism here and that’s part of what makes it so special and unspoiled. The Statia Marine Park works to preserve the island’s thriving reefs, and we dive its awe-inspiring jewel, the 327-foot C/V Charles L. Brown, one of the best and largest wreck dives in the Caribbean. After a morning of community service for the Marine Park, we trade our fins for hiking boots and trek up over the crater rim of the Quill and into the volcano’s jungle inside. Huge trees, long vines and lush rainforest reside under a canopy above.


Day 16-19

Dive sheer walls and towering pinnacles

Saba is a magical place that will capture your imagination. The island majestically rises out of the ocean and disappears into the clouds. Its world-famous marine park protects some of the best diving in the Caribbean. The sheer walls and towering pinnacles of Babylon, Tent Reef and Diamond Rock are phenomenal and perfect for finishing your PADI Advanced Open Water or Specialty certification course. Spend a day ashore, making your way up to a town called “The Bottom” to explore the picturesque village of tiny cottages and artisan shops.


Day 20-21

Crew mates become lifelong mates

Still time for more diving, exploring and water skiing! Sitting on the bow, you reflect on your three week adventure. Twelve people who were strangers have become a team; working together, learning from each other and building lifelong friendships.

21-Day Scuba + Sailing VoyageJuly 21 - August 10, 2021$6,380FullEnroll Now
21-Day Scuba + Sailing VoyageJune 27 - July 17, 2022$6,380AvailableEnroll Now
21-Day Scuba + Sailing VoyageJuly 21 - August 10, 2022$6,380AvailableEnroll Now