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Bahamas Bahamas Veterinary + Wildlife Care

Gain hands-on experience with the wildlife of the Bahamas as you explore the world of veterinary medicine as well as animal rehabilitation, education and conservation.

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Goats Bahamas summer animal science camp Broadreach
Teens kayaking adventure on animal science camp in Bahamas
Middle schoolers with puppies on animal science camp program

Sun-filled days getting up close with wildlife in the Bahamas

  • Participate in hands-on wildlife care while working alongside veterinarians and animal professionals at local farms, education programs and clinics.
  • Observe and assist with animal care procedures.
  • Go behind the scenes at wildlife attractions.
  • Apply your animal handling, welfare, nutrition and conservation skills to help with outreach projects.
  • Explore the Bahamian sea on snorkel and kayak adventures.
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*Currently accepting applications from alumni families only. Open enrollment begins September 15, 2023. To join the waitlist prior to open enrollment, click “enroll now”; your payment method will not be charged until the open enrollment period begins.

“The Bahamas vet program was truly the most amazing time of my life. The hands-on experience you get here is incomparable. I can’t stress enough how this program changed my life. It taught me so much about vet medicine while still being fun and adventurous. I made some new best friends and I will never forget this trip. I can’t recommend it enough!” Izzy, Broadreach alumna

Bahamas: Island Wildlife Explorer Program Overview


  • Explore veterinary medicine for birds, mammals, reptiles and marine mammals.
  • Gain insight into veterinary and wildlife care alongside professionals.
  • Learn to interpret animal behavior and how to properly handle different animals.
  • Participate in hands-on workshops covering suture methods, necropsies and animal-restraint techniques.

10 hours of service learning to improve animal welfare through community wildlife education programs.


  • Available to students completing grades 9-12. No other experience necessary.

Looking for a veterinary medicine program for a middle school student? Check out our Bahamas Island Wildlife Explorer adventure!


Day 1-2

It’s better in The Bahamas

Arrive in sunny Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas, ready to take your first steps on a unique veterinary medicine adventure. There’s no better way to get to know your fellow group members than on some uniquely Bahamian adventures! Sea kayak in turquoise Bahamian waters, identifying various marine species on a snorkel adventure. Hike enchanting boardwalks in Primeval Forest National Park. Simply soak up the beauty of this island paradise! Share your goals over delicious Bahamian foods and prepare for this amazing wildlife adventure.


Day 3-7

Go behind the scenes

At a local zoo and conservation center, our team is given unprecedented access to an exotic array of animal species including iguanas, lemurs, parrots, snakes and more. Learn alongside veterinarians and animal experts about animal nutrition, husbandry and capture and restraint techniques. Partner with researchers and collect vital data on resident flamingo populations as part of an ongoing research project. Delve into the science of necropsy, a key component of veterinary medicine, and put your new skills to the test in a necropsy lab. At the conservation center, rotate through different labs preparing nutritious species-specific meals, learning various suture techniques, and more! Then we’re off to shadow vets from the Bahamas’ Department of Agriculture Veterinary Services, visiting and inspecting large-animal farms and joining in on a zoonosis (disease transmission) and animal quarantine activity. Before embarking on the final leg of the journey, take time to snorkel in a protected coral nursery amid colorful marine life native to New Providence Island.


Day 8-12

Put your new skills to work

Confident in your new animal-care skills, take part in hands-on animal welfare activities. Get a behind-the-scenes tour of an aquatic veterinary medicine lab and discover how vets and marine biologists work together to care for seals, stingrays and dolphins. Our team is also invited to assist with tasks that benefit the welfare of the animals under their care. Across the island, we spend a full day on a beach-side farm. Here, we assist vets in vaccinating and inspecting goats’ health before a picnic lunch, complete with fresh-picked mangos. Before flying home and having to say goodbye for now to our tight new group of friends, we enjoy snorkeling excursions above some of the ocean’s most beautiful reef ecosystems.