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Red Sea College Alumni-only Scuba

A one-of-a-kind program for our college-aged scuba alumni – Egypt offers advanced diving on sites like no other, immersive experiences above and below the water, and an incredible culture… all with the Broadreach magic you know and love.

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Teens ready to diving in the red sea on advanced scuba program
Egyptian mountains seen on red sea scuba diving summer camp

Day 1-8

Diving offshore

Step off the plane in Cairo to meet your new group and immediately trade stories of past Broadreach adventures and diving experiences. Then, make your way to a small fishing village to settle into traditional huts before gathering for program orientation. Wasting no time, the first week of this adventure is dedicated to getting to know one another both above and below the water. There is tons of shore diving to do and a few deeper dives via short boat excursions. Kick your flippers with the spinner dolphins of Sha’ab Samadai and work on certifications along the walls of soft coral at Check Point and Marsa Mikki. Dive with dugongs, spotted rays, pufferfish and more in the waters of Abu Dabbab Bay. While your time on the coast is dominated by thrilling dives, it wouldn’t be complete without a camel trek! Venture inland through Wadi El Gamal on the backs of camels and explore the national park with help from local guides.

Day 9-11

Into the desert

After over a week full of diving adventures, dry off in the heat of the Egyptian desert. Visit imposing temples on the shores of the Nile and spend the night in the ancient city of Luxor. The region is teeming with the history of kings and pharaohs. Search for the “Lost City” while riding through the Sahara. Gain diverse perspectives about the beauty of Egypt, its storied past and intriguing present.

Day 12-19

Anchors aweigh

A couple days on dry land is enough for this water-loving crew – it’s time to get back on the water! Gather your gear and climb aboard for an incredible 7-day liveaboard experience in the Red Sea. Cruise along the Straits of Tiran where there are chances to dive the pristine reefs of Gordon, Thomas, Woodhouse and Jackson. The water is warm, the shipwrecks are amazing and sealife is unmatched. Keep an eye out for hammerhead sharks and schools of pelagic fish. Dive Shark and Yolanda Reef, the two-pinnacle site with massive fish, walls of sea fans and hidden rays in sand. Look out turtles, moray eels and black-tipped sharks. The boat docks and one last night is spent all together in Hurghada. Celebrate everything the group has accomplished and learned over the past few weeks together.


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