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Take your sailing and leadership skills to the next level while navigating the Caribbean. Learn that you have what it takes to skipper a boat and lead a team.

This course puts you at the helm - of the boat, the journey, your crew and most of all, your overall experience. Learn basic seamanship, navigation and more as you sail 500 nautical miles past fifteen Caribbean islands. Sail through the night on 80-mile, 15-hour jaunts. Learn and practice theories of risk management, effective leadership, group dynamics, problem solving and decision-making. A large portion of the program lies in the hands of you and your crew. You, and each member of your team, will lead a segment, plan passages, maintain a budget and guide discussion.

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Earn & Learn
Caribbean Sailing & Leadership Earn & Learn

Earn & Learn

Caribbean Sailing & Leadership offers 2 leadership college credits through Lesley University. Additionally, students earn 15 hours of documented service and may pursue 3 certifications.

  • Minimum 18 years old
  • High school graduate
  • Minimum GPA: 2.50
  • Completed at least one semester at college or graduated high school over a year ago


Course Description

This course combines an academic study of leadership with practical leadership experience, sail training and internationally recognized certifications. The course will engage you in a variety of learning situations to create an optimal educational atmosphere while developing skills related to leadership. Living and working aboard a sailboat is an ideal platform from which to learn and study leadership. The course provides both classroom instruction and experiential learning opportunities to develop awareness and operational skills in leadership, teaching, risk management, group dynamics and supervision.

Course Objectives
  • Identify the scope of leadership theories and styles, and learn to match techniques with situations
  • Identify natural leadership styles and expand your range of leadership skills
  • Gain an understanding of individual and group behavior and the roles a leader plays in relation to individuals and groups
  • Demonstrate an understanding of ethical principles and professionalism as applied to all professional practices, attitudes and behaviors in a variety of settings
  • Demonstrate a greater understanding of the successful ways to facilitate, lead and teach groups
  • Demonstrate knowledge and application of risk management principles


During this 34-day live aboard voyage, learn fundamental sailing skills for which you may earn multiple certifications including:

  • IYT Bareboat Skipper
  • IYT Radio Operator
  • IYT Competent Crew


Through service, gain a more meaningful connection to the cultures and communities you explore while taking an active role to address important global issues at the local level. In the Caribbean, work closely with local organizations such as Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary and Tobago Cays Marine Park on environmental and conservation projects. Through these hands-on projects, begin to understand your role as a global citizen by making positive changes in the communities that have embraced us.

  • Help save endangered turtles at Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary
  • Assist locals with the hardships that were created by recent hurricanes
  • Participate in a local beach clean-up with the Tobago Cays Marine Park

3 Certifications

15 Service Hours

2 College Credits

Caribbean Sailing & Leadership Itinerary


Learn to sail in the Caribbean

Climb aboard in Anse Marcel, St. Martin. First tasks: provisioning, settling into quarters and getting to know the yacht and your shipmates. Phase One of your journey begins with intensive sail training in the Renaissance Islands of St. Martin and St. Barts. Start with the basics — jibing, tacking and the points of sail. The distances to be covered and the nature of the sea demand perseverance, respect and hard work. The vessel is a 24-hour a day floating class and the ocean, your lab. Right from the get go, get a taste of group dynamics and how leadership styles motivate people to work together, make decisions and achieve. One thing that makes this trip unlike any other leadership class is that you get to see and experience theories brought to life out in the real world. All the while, improve sailing skills to achieve internationally recognized certifications.

Leadership summer program for college students

Training drills intensify as your crew practices man-overboard drills and learns to safely navigate from island to island. Sailing 10 foot Lasers helps you perfect your small boat handling and understanding of wind shifts. Take a well-deserved break to hike the Quill in Statia, up and over its volcanic crater and down into the lush rainforest below. Back on the water, it’s time to finally put your sailing knowledge and problem-solving skills to the test.

community service summer programs abroad

Congratulations! You’ve earned the first of your IYT sailing certifications, one of the key goals of this journey. Celebrate your accomplishments with a traditionally cooked island meal on the beautiful shores of Nevis. Now you’re ready to begin Phase Two of the voyage when focus shifts from rigorous sail training to island adventure, cultural immersion and community service. First mission: the Montserrat service project, a unique opportunity to truly experience Caribbean culture by helping its people. The recent volcanic eruptions here created great hardships and the locals truly appreciate your help. Here, you’ll learn that being an effective leader begins with being an effective listener. Open yourself up to new ideas and beliefs and learn to embrace a shifting perspective as you strive to improve quality of life for others.

International summer study abroad in the islands

Continue bearing south, further exploring the Lesser Antilles. Marie Galante and Iles des Saintes exemplify tropical beauty. Dominica is a spectacular land of towering mountains, huge waterfalls and dense rainforests. Paddle up the Indian River and hike to the “boiling lakes” through bountiful ecosystems. You won’t find much tourism here. The country is poor, but the culture is rich. Night sail to St. Lucia and then on to St. Vincent and Bequia, where you will volunteer at the Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary and help “Brother King” in his quest to save and rehabilitate endangered sea turtles.

Learn to sail student travel program

Sailing is second nature and you and your crew are ready to start Phase Three of the trip. Your program leaders step back now to become silent observers. Lead a segment. Plan passages. Maintain a budget. Be mindful of risk management issues. Guide discussions. This is your chance to demonstrate all the Leadership concepts you’ve been talking about and put them into practice — with you at the helm. Where you go on the remainder of the voyage and how you get there is entirely up to you and your shipmates. Sweep south through the Windwards. As you hop to and from the tiny unspoiled islands of the Grenadine Passage, you find the most beautiful anchorages of the journey. Snorkel along the shallow reefs of Tobago Cays, have a scavenger hunt on Mustique and learn how local fishermen craft their boats on the beaches of Carriacou.

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A pastel rainbow of dockside houses and shops surrounds your picturesque anchorage in Grenada. Head ashore to relax on the fine white sand of Grand Anse Beach, where local ladies sell fresh fruit and share stories of the revolution. Your final challenge is an overnight return sail all the way back to St Martin. Sailing into your final port is a joyous arrival but sentimental departure from the yacht you’ve grown to love and respect. 34 days. 15 islands. 500 miles. You in the lead.

Caribbean Sailing and Leadership College Study Abroad Trip
  • Trip Highlights

  • Travel 500 nautical miles across the Caribbean while learning the inner workings of a yacht
  • Earn college credit and multiple IYT sailing certifications
  • Study theories of leadership, group dynamics and motivation
  • Learn passage planning, sail theory, navigation and meteorology
  • Hike up a volcano and explore lush rainforests
  • Discover Caribbean culture on more than 15 unique islands
Caribbean Sailing & Leadership Reviews & Testimonials

Reviews & Testimonials

Dee S. from Baton Rouge, LA

Broadreach is not only a point of sail, but is also an amazing program to meet new friends, experience new cultures and escape from reality for a summer.

Emily S. from Irvington, VA

Caribbean Sailing and Leadership was one of the most amazing trips I’ve ever been on and completely exceeded my (already high) expectations! From snorkeling and cliff jumping to experiencing some of the best hikes I’ve ever been on, no words can actually express how incredible these 34 days are. Highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend it! 🙂

Ryan B. from Tinton Falls, NJ

Even the best online description of this course will only serve to close your mind to the many opportunities you will be presented with on this course. In other words, multiply your excitement by 20.

Caribbean Sailing & Leadership FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the tuition cost and what additional expenses should I expect?

Trip tuition is all inclusive for instruction, food, accommodation and activities from the time you arrive on location. However, you are responsible for your airfare, spending money (we suggest about $150-200), any required textbooks, and student expenses such as medical fees and optional college credit. Our diving adventures require scuba gear which can be rented, purchased or in some cases borrowed from Broadreach. For more information about expenses that might apply to your program, click here.

When is the application deadline? What is the application process?

We accept applications on a rolling basis until each session is full. So, the sooner you enroll, the greater chance you’ll have to get into your first choice program and session! Some of our most popular program sessions fill as early as the fall.

Step one: submit your initial application online with a $35 application fee. If there is space, you can secure your spot with a $1000 deposit while you complete the secondary application. Step two: we will send you login details to complete your secondary application (academic reference, personal statement, interview, transcript). Once we accept your secondary application pieces and you’ve paid your deposit, your place on the program is secured!

How does travel work?

For most programs, we have a few recommended flights and an arrival time range, and we usually give you the option to book flights on your own or through our travel agency partner. A few programs have required group flights, which we set up in advance. Students travel independently, but often meet up along the way, and we collect student itinerary details. Broadreach instructors will be waiting in the arrivals hall of the destination airport to greet each student, and they’ll be wearing special shirts and holding a Broadreach sign. We also mail students Broadreach shirts to wear while traveling which makes it easy for them to identify each other. Typically, making travel arrangements and the actual travel days go very smoothly.

How does Broadreach address safety?

Safety is our top priority, and it is something we evaluate from every angle throughout the year. We’re very proud of our safety record over the past 26 years of running international programs for students. There are so many ways to address how we handle safety, including the extensive experience and training of our instructors, the specific locations we choose to visit, the relationships we have established with our local partners, and the 24/7 support we provide our groups. We have extensive program-specific risk management plans and safety standards that we adhere to. We’d be happy to talk about safety in more detail for the program you’re considering if you’d like to call our office.

Do I need to purchase travel insurance?

We require that students have at least $100,000 of emergency evacuation coverage and some kind of international medical coverage, as well as coverage for scuba diving for programs that include diving. We offer two different policy options, or if you already have a policy that meets this criteria, we would just collect those policy details after enrollment.

Our Tuition Protection policy covers cancellations for medical reasons up to 100% and for any other reason up to 75% (except for residents of NY state). It’s also a great comprehensive travel insurance policy, including medical coverage, emergency evacuation, travel delay, baggage (loss or delay), etc. The cost of the policy ranges from $319-379 based on the program duration. For more specific coverage details, please call our office.

How does payment work? Is the deposit or tuition refundable?

We require a non-refundable deposit of $1000 to lock in your spot (pending your acceptance), and then the final balance can be spread out and paid in a few different ways. The final payment is requested by about 3 months before departure. Our optional tuition protection plan covers cancellations for medical reasons up to 100% and cancellations for any other reason up to 75% (except for residents of NY state).

Do your programs accommodate food preferences or food allergies?

We do our best to accommodate allergies and food preferences but we consider the situation, country and the program to determine whether it will be a good fit for the specific dietary restriction. It’s important that you let Broadreach know well in advance of any food preferences or allergies so we can determine whether your restrictions will work on your program.

What is boat life like on live-aboard programs?

Our catamarans have 4 cabins with attached bathrooms, which are divided up between girls and boys. The cabins are mostly used for students to store their bags and change since most students choose to sleep on the deck of the boat in one of a few safe, flat areas. Students bring sleeping bags and pads, and sleeping under the stars with the Caribbean summer breeze is often one of the highlights of the experience. Our boat life video will give you a feel for what it’s like.

What do the academics involve? How do college credits work? What if I don’t take the program for credit?

Academics will vary by program but usually include journals, discussions, lectures, research projects, and a midterm and final exam. We expect all of our students to participate fully in the academic course work on our programs, regardless of whether they have chosen to take it for official college credit.

We partner with Lesley University in Cambridge, MA to offer college credit for our academic college programs. Those credits are widely accepted at colleges and universities all over North America, and we can often let you know if an alumni student has transferred those credits to a specific school in the past. For more information, click here.

Do you offer any discounts or scholarships?

In the fall, we have a few different early enrollment discounts– please call our office for more information. We also offer a 5% discount on the second enrollment from the same immediate family in a summer. This offer is available to an individual student or siblings. The 5% discount will be applied to the program of lesser cost, and cannot be combined with any other discounts.

We do offer some scholarships through the Broadreach Foundation. Please visit for more information and to apply online for scholarships.

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