Pro Dive

Caribbean PADI Divemaster, Internship + Instructor

The ultimate Broadreach summer experience: become a dive professional, work with Broadreach students and staff, and become a certified PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI)!

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Students on padi instructor training program boat at sunset

From recreational diver to instructor in one summer

  • Navigate the Leeward Islands as you learn the ins and outs of professional diving in this scuba internship.
  • Build confidence as a dive leader alongside veteran Broadreach instructors and enthusiastic students.
  • Spread your passion for diving (and Broadreach!) to a small group of students as you learn new tips for teaching new divers.
  • Live in Simpson’s Bay on St. Martin as you dig into teaching techniques and the PADI diving system. 
  • Finish your summer off by completing the IDC and passing the instructor exam, working with a PADI Course Director and other experienced dive staff.
June 26 - July 29, 2024$10,280FullEnroll Now

*Currently accepting applications from alumni families only. Open enrollment begins September 15, 2023. To join the waitlist prior to open enrollment, click “enroll now”; your payment method will not be charged until the open enrollment period begins.

“That experience of being a Divemaster and working in that position was amazingly helpful and valuable. It is also something that I’ve found has helped me be a better instructor because I had already worked as, essentially, a TA for that position. Further, going directly into my IDC was incredible because everything I had learned during my DIP and working as a divemaster was still fresh in my mind.” Tessa, Broadreach alumna

Want to become a scuba instructor abroad?


PADI Certifications


Sailing Certifications

3 PADI scuba certifications available:

  • PADI Divemaster
  • PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI)
  • Emergency First Responder Instructor (EFRI)

2 sailing certifications available:

  • Broadreach Intro to Yachting
  • IYT International Crew

Experience required:

  • Must be 18 years old
  • PADI Rescue Diver or equivalent certification
  • Minimum of 80 logged dives prior to start of program
  • Current EFR certification or qualifying equivalent

8 physical education credits through the American Council on Education (ACE).


Day 1-3

Get ready for professional diving 

You’ll be living and working on the Broadreach support boat for the first part of your training, which is a fascinating glimpse into life behind the scenes of our programs. Training with your dedicated instructor starts straight away – knowledge development, shallow water skill demonstrations and water skills exercises form the basis of the Divemaster certification. Getting to know your fellow crewmates provides the support you’ll need over the next few weeks. Next, you’ll cover the basics of other skills you’ll need, including compressing tanks, dinghy driving and even radio etiquette – all very useful things to know in the dive industry.

Day 4-7

Real students, real learning!

Broadreach students will start to arrive and you will assist them with a variety of things as they start their scuba journeys. Whether it’s helping fit them for a BCD or back roll into the water for the first time, you’ll be right there with them. Working with a variety of Broadreach instructors allows you to see their teaching style, and to develop yours. It’s not just watching though – demonstrating skills, supervising students in the water and helping them with gear are just some of the responsibilities you’ll take on. At the end of the week, take your theory exams and followed by some time to relax as you visit the town of Gustavia in St. Barts, and maybe even take a hike to a body surfing beach on the north side of the island.

Day 8-14

Join your new student group

It’s time for you to spread your wings and join a student boat for the remainder of your trip! Although the support boat will always be there for you, you will assist our Broadreach instructors by living and working with the students on a program boat. You’ll learn and use more advanced Divemaster techniques, leading dives and assisting with Advanced Open Water training all under the watchful eye of a Broadreach instructor.

Day 15-22

Divemaster, here you come

The first part of your trip comes to a close as you complete Divemaster certification. Work on an underwater mapping project and fine tune your dive briefings as you lead more dives and build more supervising and leadership skills. In addition, take some time to hike, visit the islands and even participate in community service projects with your new found protegees.

Day 23-28

Off to scuba school! 

You’re off to the big leagues next! The location changes, but the learning never stops as you head to Simpson Bay for the next part of your professional dive training. The focus of the IDC is on learning the teaching techniques, safety protocols and the rest of the PADI system. Working with a local dive shop and PADI course director, you’ll spend a lot of time perfecting your skills and techniques in the pool, as well as out in shallow open water. Playing the roles of both student and instructor, giving you a chance to learn from one another (and provides many opportunities for laughter as the days fly by!).

Day 28-31

Dive industry professional 

The basics of teaching understood, your course switches to other aspects of dive instructor life: EFR instruction, teaching more advanced courses and understanding the business of diving. Take a fascinating look into the diving industry and vital for development as a professional and leader. After class is done, spend time reviewing for exams under a palm tree on the beach, or wander the charming shops and restaurants of Simpson Bay.

Day 32-34

OWSI time

It’s time for the ultimate test: your Instructor Exam! Nervous energy gives way to cool confidence as you show off your new found skills to the PADI examiner. There’s just time to celebrate with your fellow candidates before you head off home and recognize all you’ve accomplished.