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Caribbean: PADI Divemaster & Instructor


Go from diver to Divemaster to PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor, all in just 28 days. It's fast track, instructor-level dive training done the Broadreach way.

Achievement upon achievement. This unique trek toward becoming a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI) piggybacks the 2-week Divemaster program with the 2-week Instructor Development Course. It's unlike any course of its kind. First we lay the foundation, as PADI Divemaster (DM) candidates live on a catamaran, hopping from St. Martin to the Caribbean islands of St. Barts, Saba and more. Then, we anchor down in St. Martin for two weeks and push our training even further, as we prepare for the instructor examination.

July 4 - August 2 C30 days$6,880Available
Earn & Learn
Caribbean: PADI Divemaster & Instructor Earn & Learn

Earn & Learn

Caribbean PADI Divemaster & Instructor offers 3 professional level PADI certifications and 8 physical education college credits through the American Council on Education (ACE).

  • Must be 18 years old
  • PADI Rescue Diver or equivalent certification
  • Minimum of 80 logged dives prior to the start of program
  • Current EFR certification (preferably with Care for Children)


Course Description

This course takes driven students from Rescue divers and turns them into PADI Open Water Scuba Instructors. It is a 28-day scuba immersion. The Divemaster course will increase your dive theory knowledge to the level required of dive professionals, while introducing you to the role and conduct of PADI dive professionals. You will not only learn how to demonstrate skills, but how to teach in-water skills from novice divers to professional Divemasters. Lastly you will learn about the opportunities that await you once you successfully complete your training. This course is accredited through the American Council on Education (ACE).

Course Objectives
  • Complete knowledge development segments and pass the Divemaster final exams
  • Create an emergency assistance plan for a designated dive site/location
  • Complete water skills exercises
  • Complete a diver rescue assessment
  • Complete the dive skills workshop and assessment
  • Complete practical application assessments
  • Meet the professionalism criteria
  • Be able to present knowledge development teaching presentations from Discover Scuba Diver through Divemaster courses
  • Be able to clearly demonstrate and teach confined open water skills of the Open Water Diver Course
  • Be able to clearly demonstrate skills and conduct training dives for Adventures in Diving through Divemaster
  • Pass all written exams with a 75% or better in preparation for the Instructor examination


  • PADI Divemaster
  • PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI)
  • Emergency First Responder Instructor (EFRI)

3 Certifications

8 College Credits

Caribbean: PADI Divemaster & Instructor Itinerary



The first steps of your professional dive training start here! Climb aboard your new floating home in Anse Marcel, get to know your new crew and training mates as you prepare for the journey ahead. Strap on your fins and fine tune your skills with some confined water circuit exercises, knowledge development and begin the basics of leadership training. Dive into what it takes to be a PADI Divemaster through knowledge development sessions and start planning for your future in the world of scuba.


All settled in and ready for more, it’s off to St. Bart’s for the next level of training and some fun. Dive deeper into your skill development, including basic compressor training, navigation practice, underwater mapping, diver safety and risk management. It’s not all work and no play though! Take a well-deserved break for some town time in this tropical French hotspot to shop, grab a cheeseburger in paradise and get some quality time at body surfing beach.


The unspoiled waters of Saba are where you’ll really learn what being a Divemaster is all about. Learn how to take charge of dive activities and lead dives by digging into the logistics of conducting briefings, mapping open water sites, dive site set up and management, search & recovery. It’s everything you need to know to lead successful dives of your own. Depending on where the group is with their training, there may be the opportunity to join another Broadreach crew beginning their dive training to help facilitate their skill development and practice leading dives with the group.


After exploring the island of Saba and a lot more diving, it’s time to take everything you’ve learned and put it to the test as we sail our way back to St. Martin. No need to worry about the final exams, after all the practicing and hands-on preparations, you’re ready! Celebrate everything you’ve learned and accomplished by relaxing on the pristine beaches of Tintamarre and having some fun with your crew of brand new certified PADI Divemasters. Those of you that are departing the program after earning Divemaster can head home knowing that you have achieved something to be proud of, and something that will open so many opportunities for your future dive career. For those staying to further their dive education by earning their Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI) certification, enjoy a well-deserved day off relaxing by the beach and prepping for the next steps in your journey!


Settle into your home for the next few weeks and prepare for the exciting journey of earning your PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI) certification. Orient yourself and dive into the work – learning about the PADI method of teaching and working towards an instructor level of knowledge while performing knowledge reviews of your skills learned while earning your Divemaster. After class, there’s always time to head down to the beach to enjoy some time in the surf and have some fun after a full day of activities.


Learn how to share your love of the aquatic world with others by practicing different teaching techniques and receiving feedback all along the way from our IDC Course Director. After rounds of teaching different topics, both above and below the surface, earn your Assistant Instructor (AI) certification, the first IDC milestone! Don’t celebrate for too long though because it’s time to venture out into open water for more advanced teacher training and to prepare for the next steps ahead.


It’s time to check the next certification on the IDC path off your list, Emergency First Response Instructor (EFRI). Refresh your EFR knowledge with primary and secondary care training scenarios and learn how to teach CPR. Continue with classroom and in-water presentations showcasing your newfound teaching abilities and hone your demonstration skills. It’s an intense few days, but you’ll be surprised at how fun, engaging and satisfying it is to be so close to your goal.


Everything you’ve been learning, doing and practicing is for this moment– your Instructor Exam (IE). After some last minute study sessions with your fellow candidates, it’s time to take the test and showcase everything you’ve learned. Post-exam, celebrate with your new fellow PADI scuba instructors and reflect at the sheer magnitude of everything you’ve accomplished in just a few short weeks. Return home from the Caribbean with a clear path to follow your passion diving, ready to nurture future generations of aspiring divers.

summer sailing camps
  • Trip Highlights

  • Complete the PADI Divemaster course while living on a yacht and sailing the Leeward Islands
  • Learn the methodology of teaching PADI academics and have a chance to practice with real students
  • Hone your leadership and mentoring skills by coaching novice divers
  • Prepare for and take your PADI Instructor Exam with the help of seasoned teachers
  • Practice teaching in varied and challenging dive sites that will help you prepare for your future
Caribbean: PADI Divemaster & Instructor Reviews & Testimonials

Reviews & Testimonials

Katherine Horine

Broadreach has been full of life changing experiences and friendships over the years, and has truly been an inspiration for me. I began as a 14 year old high school student on an Underwater Discoveries trip and wrapped up my time as a student back in the Caribbean with the DM and IDC courses. I could not have asked for a better experience; this course in particular taught me responsibility, trust and confidence. It gave me an entirely new perspective on life, one that I brought back to college and applied to both my studies and my friendships. I have always had a love for water, but this course solidified my passion for the underwater world. It inspired me to become a Broadreach staff member and pursue my dreams no matter what they may be. At a young age, Broadreach ignited a passion for adventure within me and it has yet to dissipate. I cannot speak more highly of the professional level courses offered through Broadreach and I certainly have not forgotten the experiences and opportunities they provided for me.

Grace O'Connor from Westport, CT

This trip, along with every other Broadreach trip I have been on was truly fantastic. The staff are great- a good mix of professional and fun. I really enjoyed the freedom of the trip and the level of responsibility that was expected along with it. I thought that the Divemaster portion of the course was really good and enjoyed the fact that we were sailing along a couple of program boats that we were able to help out with. I think the opportunity to have experience with real divers was very valuable. The two weeks (maybe slightly less) of the Divemaster course were very intense and very busy, but I feel like we were able to get in a lot of diving and cover a lot of necessary skills that were important for the instructor course. I really liked how we had many opportunities to practice skills so that by the time we had to demonstrate them they were almost second nature- this made the skills in the instructor course much easier also.

The instructor course was great also. Our course director, Assar, was really great and it was very evident that he had a lot of experience teaching the IDC. It was extremely helpful that he made up practice tests for us to do and I felt like because of this I was very well prepared for the written tests and end ended up doing even better than I had anticipated. Also I felt like we did a lot of skill demonstrations and lesson plans which was good because, once again, it made me feel really well prepared for the IE. We went through almost every skill that we might encounter on the IDC, which was really useful and made it much less stressful. Despite the mosquitoes, I also enjoyed living at the pad. It was really nice to have an area that we could come back to to hang out and study and it was really fun being able to help and talk to a lot of the students passing through the pad. The IDC was definitely a lot of work and I was exhausted by the end of it, but it all paid off when I passed the IE and became and instructor. I would highly recommend this trip to any one who is considering it and would be more than willing to answer any questions about my experience.

Joel Silidker from Guilford, CT

You and your staff provide opportunities for personal growth, maturation, and developing inner strength and self-esteem that extend far beyond the obvious ‘good times’. Grayson Kirk once wrote that: “The most important function of education at any level is to develop the personality of the individual and the significance of his life to himself and others.” Broadreach has had this invaluable impact on Jordan and he sees it directly in this way. Thank you!

Caribbean: PADI Divemaster & Instructor FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the application and tuition process?

Step one: submit your initial application online with a $35 application fee. If there is space, you can secure your spot with a $1000 deposit while you complete the secondary application. Step two: we will send you login details to complete your secondary application (academic reference, personal statement, interview, transcript). Once we accept your secondary application pieces and you’ve paid your deposit, your place on the program is secured!

Trip tuition is all inclusive for instruction, food, accommodation and activities from the time you arrive on location. However, you are responsible for your airfare, spending money (we suggest about $150-200), any required textbooks, and student expenses such as medical fees and special travel. Our dive programs require scuba gear which can be rented, purchased or in some cases borrowed from Broadreach. For more information about expenses that might apply to your program, click here.

We also require a non-refundable deposit of $1000 to lock in your spot, and then the final balance can be spread out and paid in a few different ways. The final payment is requested by about 3 months before departure. Our optional tuition protection plan covers cancellations for medical reasons up to 100% and cancellations for any other reason up to 75% (except for residents of NY state). We require that students have at least $100,000 of emergency evacuation coverage and some kind of international medical coverage, as well as coverage for scuba diving. We offer two different policy options, or if you already have a policy that meets this criteria, we would just collect those policy details after enrollment.

How does travel work?

For most programs, we have a few recommended flights and an arrival time range, and we usually give you the option to book flights on your own or through our travel agency partner. Students travel independently, but often meet up along the way, and we collect student itinerary details. Broadreach instructors will be waiting in the arrivals hall of the destination airport to greet each student, and they’ll be wearing special shirts and holding a Broadreach sign. We also mail students Broadreach shirts to wear while traveling which makes it easy for them to identify each other. Typically, making travel arrangements and the actual travel days go very smoothly.

How does Broadreach address safety?

Safety is our top priority, and it is something we evaluate from every angle throughout the year. We’re very proud of our safety record over the past 26 years of running international programs for students. There are so many ways to address how we handle safety, including the extensive experience and training of our instructors, the specific locations we choose to visit, the relationships we have established with our local partners, and the 24/7 support we provide our groups. We have extensive program-specific risk management plans and safety standards that we adhere to. We’d be happy to talk about safety in more detail for the program you’re considering if you’d like to call our office.

Who will my instructors be?

Broadreach instructors are highly experienced, passionate, energetic and supportive. The average age of our instructors is 28 years old, and depending on the program, they meet specific qualifications (a Master’s degree in the subject area, PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor certification, foreign language fluency, Wilderness First Responder certification, etc).

Do your programs accommodate food preferences or food allergies?

We do our best to accommodate allergies and food preferences but we consider the situation, country and the program to determine whether it will be a good fit for the specific dietary restriction. It’s important that you let Broadreach know well in advance of any food preferences or allergies so we can determine whether your restrictions will work on your program.

Can I contact Broadreach alumni families for more information?

Absolutely! Just call our office and we can put you in touch with past participants who have joined the programs that interest you. Our alumni families are happy to share their first-person experiences.

Do you offer any discounts or scholarships?

In the fall, we have a few different early enrollment discounts – please call our office for more information. We also offer a 5% discount on the second enrollment from the same immediate family in a summer. This offer is available to an individual student or siblings. The 5% discount will be applied to the program of lesser cost, and cannot be combined with any other discounts.

We do offer some scholarships through the Broadreach Foundation. Please call our office for more information on applying.

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