Trip Itinerary


Reefs + Rainforests


Day 1-3

Welcome To Belize

Your Broadreach instructors enthusiastically welcome you to Belize International Airport and the group prepares to embark on this exciting adventure together. Although the national language is English, everything else about this Central American country is new and exciting! Everyone settles into the cozy accommodations and becomes quick friends through program orientations and games. The first few days are packed with activities, including a caving adventure through underwater rivers that showcases the remains of ancient Mayan civilization.


Day 4-7

Rainforest exploration

After a few days acclimating to the new surroundings, you bump along jungle roads deeper into the forest. From here, you explore the rainforest in search of its nocturnal creatures and swim in clear waterfall pools.Participate in on-going conservation projects and learn from resident researchers about this dynamic environment. One evening we visit an animal rehabilitation center and zoo for an after-hours, behind the scenes look at their feeding routines, animal husbandry and evening procedures.


Day 8-12

Island life

The salty ocean breeze welcomes you to the final portion of program. Days here are filled with marine adventures from snorkeling the Barrier Reef drop-off, to sea kayaking and mangrove exploration. Shallow waters are teeming with vibrant fish and you learn the importance of preserving the country’s most popular natural attractions, its coral reefs. Search hard, and if you’re lucky you may even spot a stingray or shark! Plastic pollution is a world-wide problem, so the group gives back to this community by contributing to their clean-up effort.