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Scuba Diving Summer Camps

How did Broadreach earn the distinction of being the #1 teen scuba summer camp in the world? Best destinations, more training, more fun. Dive in!

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Explore shipwrecks in the Caribbean. Dive with sharks in Fiji. Marvel at some of the world’s most exotic sea creatures off remote islands in Indonesia. Check out coral encrusted pinnacles in Bonaire’s best marine parks. We offer more dive training and program locations than any other teen diving provider out there. Just as important as what you see underwater is what you resurface with: PADI dive certifications as recognition for newfound skills, confidence like you’ve never had before, lifelong friendships and incredible memories you’ll cherish for years to come.

Teen scuba diving summer camps
“I had so much fun diving the reefs and seeing all the animals in their natural environment. Thank you for an amazing adventure!” —Garnett Swain

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