This morning we left the hotel at around 9:00am. We took a beautiful route along the water to go to the Biennale for our second day of art touring. Today, however, we went to a different exhibit (Arsenale), several blocks from yesterday’s destination (Giardini). Today’s exhibit was full of beautiful art and crazy, intelligent videos about all manner of things. After a couple hours of touring, we met at 12:00 for lunch at a sandwich/salad shop in the hotel. After lunch, we went back to check out some of the exhibits that we had missed. We capped off the afternoon by going back across to Giardini for one final look at some of the favorite exhibits there. It was a day full of art.

After many hours of Biennale exploration, we made our way to dinner, where we feasted on pizza and pasta and played telephone around the table. Our dinner was followed by a surprise lemon ice dessert, courtesy of the chef. Still, on the way back from the hotel we made our customary stop for gelato. At the hotel we had our nightly run through of the plan for tomorrow. Now we’re off to pack for tomorrows train ride to Florence!

Have a good night!

Ollie and Annie