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Discover how surfing can complement your passions

Are the waves calling you? Starting as a central part of ancient Polynesian culture, surfing has fast become one of the world’s most popular sports. Whether you’re interested in learning a new beach activity or you’re planning a future working with marine ecosystems, spending time on your board helps foster a deeper connection with the ocean and with yourself.

Follow your passion for animal science to Costa Rica or let your love of photography lead you to Panama, both places known for their relaxing beach culture and amazing surf spots. Take a break from snorkeling with whale sharks in the Yucatรกn to catch the waves along Mexico’s east coast. Practice surf lingo in Spanish while you explore the culture of Spain or pursue your interest in medicine in Ecuador. Surfing combines physical skills, like balance and strength with mental stamina and while it takes practice and concentration, it can easily be enjoyed in most countries around the world.

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Programs that Learn to Surf

MS Middle School
HS High School
C College

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Watching dolphins jump, learning the history of photography and surfing the day away, all things that I absolutely loved. I had the most amazing time and this will be a trip I will never forget!
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