Broadreach Summer Adventures

Pack your bags for a summer full of adventure.


Are you looking for a way to step back out into the world? We want to help you. Maybe you’re craving to get out of the house, stretch your sea legs and rediscover what you’re passionate about. Maybe you miss your friends and want to reconnect with them while living on a boat together with them in the Caribbean. Whatever your goal for the summer, Broadreach is here to help with hands-on, immersive adventures.

We’ve been in business for more than 27 years, organizing middle school and high school programs that allow students to pursue budding curiosities, enjoy new cultures, and discover and build new skills within themselves.

For you middle and high schoolers out there, our summer programs in scuba diving, marine science, sailing and wildlife biology offer direct opportunities to engage with local ecosystems and experience all the incredible ocean has to offer.

We want to help you remember that adventure is out there! Request more information to have one of our program coordinators contact you to find the right experience for you.


Popular Summer Programs

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Explore the World

Since 1993, Broadreach has led students in active and highly facilitated small-group experiences abroad that encourage growth, teamwork, relationship building, inclusivity and responsibility while traveling. We create mind-blowing summer programs for teens to actively learn, explore and build skills through hands-on discovery and interaction with the world’s oceans, ecosystems and wildlife.