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STEM education that's active, adventurous and completely hands-on.

The next generation of leaders and global change agents need a strong STEM foundation to address the challenges of our fast-Β–changing world. Broadreach is ready. We immerse you in thrilling learning experiences where you’ll harness a range of skills to solve real-world problems.

Use science, engineering and technology to improve public health and infrastructure in Nicaragua. Conduct scientific health surveys of reef systems in the Bahamas. Study the innovations in urban design and engineering that have made Denmark and Sweden worldwide models for sustainability. This is a real-world STEM education that you can’t get in a classroom.

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MS Current Grades 6-8
HS Current Grades 9-12
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Not sure which Broadreach STEM summer program for teens is the right fit for your goals? Give us a call at 919-256-8200 and we can answer all of your questions. We love to talk about all things Broadreach and we’re here to help!

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Broadreach isn't just a summer program, but a lifetime perspective change that has opened a global doorway for my son's future choices.
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