Teen Spanish Summer Programs

Whatever path you pursue in life, the ability to communicate in Spanish will only expand your future opportunities. At Broadreach, we believe the best way to experience Spanish in a meaningful way is to learn in real-world situations that align with your passions and interests.

In places like Peru, Spain and Ecuador, you can either explore Spanish for the first time, or improve your Spanish fluency and comprehension skills while doing extraordinary things like volunteering on projects that improve and sustain local communities, assisting real patients in medical clinics and connecting deeply with people and customs from around the world.

This is not an ordinary Spanish summer camp. When you return home from your Broadreach summer, you’ll not only be more confident in your Spanish abilities, but more inspired to pursue your dreams on a global scale.

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Explore the World

Broadreach students explore the world in small groups of like-minded peers and are challenged and supported by highly qualified instructors to discover and build on their own abilities through hands-on and intentionally designed adventures. The countries and communities we visit provide perfect landscapes for intellectual discovery, skill mastery, rich cultural experience and incomparable adventure.

Available Programs