Teen Photography Summer Programs

Explore spectacular destinations while developing your photography in a way that’s challenging, interactive and fun. In Italy, learn to take beautiful photos no matter what camera you use. In Italy, develop the craft of taking beautifully composed photographs, as well as digital editing and production techniques. In Iceland, build on the photography knowledge you already have in a gorgeous and unparalleled landscape as you chase the light across countrysides, cityscapes, waterfalls, glaciers and volcanoes.

These programs inspire a lifelong passion to create, in addition to providing you with a portfolio that can accompany your resumes and college applications.

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Explore the World

Broadreach students explore the world in small groups of like-minded peers and are challenged and supported by highly qualified instructors to discover and build on their own abilities through hands-on and intentionally designed adventures. The countries and communities we visit provide perfect landscapes for intellectual discovery, skill mastery, rich cultural experience and incomparable adventure.

Available Programs