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Language classes. Home stays. Workshops. Service projects. Credit. Our real world language immersion study abroad programs are as immersive as it gets.

Set off to the French West Indies for an intensive language adventure. What to bring: a burning desire to master French and experience French Creole culture through food, music and story. Seeking a hands-on Spanish experience? Venture to Peru for 23-days of total immersion. There, we get outside the classroom as language classes are held at a hacienda in the Sacred Valley. Hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. Assist the Peace Corps on a service project. Whether it’s French or Spanish, the Caribbean or Peru, emerge a more connected global citizen.

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Each facet- ย—adventure backpacking in the Andes, Spanish language instruction at the hacienda, cultural immersion in a beautiful colonial city, community service- could have stood alone as justification for the trip.
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