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Our French language immersion summer camps take students beyond the classroom, into the castles of France, beach towns of Guadeloupe and homes of locals.

Join us on one-of-a-kind French language programs in Europe and the French West Indies. Our trips are hands-on, live-as-a-local, immersive experiences.

Practice French outside of the classroom as you explore your passions in native speaking cultures across the world, from the beachside markets of the French West Indies to the bustling café kitchens of Paris. Dive into the rich Creole culture of Guadeloupe as you explore the island, learn its fascinating history and make friends with the locals, all in French.

Ultimately, return home with more than just college credit and a better understanding of the language. You emerge with an ability to navigate foreign lands, confidently engage with people from different backgrounds, and get a unique head start on college while having pursued your passion in the context of the French language and culture over the summer.

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The homestay experience was very valuable. It was one of my favorite parts and I was able to really practice my French.
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