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There's a reason major filmmakers flock to Sweden & Norway. Discover your inner videographer in one of the most naturally beautiful regions of the world.

With video cameras and editing software at our everyday smartphone fingertips, the ability to relate information and stories using moving images has become an indispensable skill in academic, professional and personal realms alike. From concept to execution, develop your shooting, production and narrative techniques on this film-making course for high school students along the majestic fjords of Norway, cobblestone streets of historic Stockholm and tiny fishing villages of the Bohuslan Coast.

In Sweden, there’s no shortage of inspiration. Learn about shot composition as you take in the chic, design-centric culture of Stockholm. Drones open up a new world of video capture. Above the Arctic Circle, where the natural beauty of the Lofoten Islands reaches staggering proportions, perfect your drone piloting skills among the soaring peaks and turquoise seas of Kjerringoy. Practice stop-motion while hiking along the rugged coastline outside Goteborg. Ferry to Gotland, one of 24,000 islands in the archipelago, and explore a village straight out of a fairy tale while working on short videos for social media. Take the famed Oslo-Bergen railway, considered to be the world’s most beautiful rail journey, across fjords and forests to Norway. Get lost in Bryggen, Bergen’s waterfront district packed with preserved wooden architecture. Return home with a body of video work that showcases the unique culture and landscape of Scandinavia and the confidence to continue telling video stories from behind your own lens.

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