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There is no substitute for real-world experience

Broadreach takes an entirely different approach to studying abroad. Each one of our courses is designed to completely immerse you in your chosen field of study, allowing you to explore, research and learn in real-world settings.

From researching marine life in the Caribbean to studying veterinary medicine in Costa Rica, our accredited study abroad programs are as unique and varied as the students who take part in them. Yet they all share a common philosophy. They give students the opportunity to learn beyond the classroom and in the field alongside professional researchers, instructors and small groups of their peers. Live-aboard yachts are our laboratories. Rainforests are our lecture halls. Local communities are our dorms. Yes, you’ll earn college credit for your work. But more importantly, you’ll gain real and applied knowledge of your chosen subject, plus valuable field experience for your resume.

MS Current Grades 6-8
HS Current Grades 9-12
C Currently in College

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Broadreach is one of those rare summer opportunities that will stay with our daughter forever. It sounds cliché, but her experiences on Broadreach have changed her life, opening doors and highlighting strengths that she might not have discovered otherwise.
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