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Why take our word for it? Dig in to the latest collection of journals, blogs, essays, photos and videos straight from the laptops and cameras of Broadreachers who were eager to share details about their one-of-a-kind experience.


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My son enjoyed this trip immensely. It was a perfect mixture of service & adventure. I felt very comfortable with his safety while on the trip. While he was unable to reach me for their first call, he was allowed to send a quick email which was helpful. Most helpful of all, though, were the journal entries and the smiling photos which assured me that George was having a great time!

George enjoyed meeting other teens his age with similar curiosity about the world. He really enjoyed the full-time Broadreach staff who I could even tell were upbeat and instrumental in creating the right atmosphere and pulling their crew together. Additionally, the temporary guides along the way also seemed to have a special 'something' and really had a way of making a positive impression.

The trip was truly everything I and my son hoped it would be!

-Christine R from Raleigh, NC
Our daughter had the time of her life. She loved the adventure of living on a boat, learnnig how to scuba dive (she liked the night dives best), hiking on the islands, getting to know her crew mates, and the beauty of the ocean and the islands. She came back happy, healthy, and full of enthusiasm over what she expereinced. She felt the trip was extremely well organized and supervised. We feel she learned things and was challenged to grow in ways that were only possible by going on a trip like this. She got along great with the other students on the trip and would love to do something like this again - soon. We are really happy with how the trip went - the experience was a great match for her.

-Robert B
Our daughter had the summer experience of her life. She loved every minute. The skipper, the dive teacher and the marine biologist managed to keep eleven teens happy, productive and learning more than they believed they could learn in three weeks. We couldn't recommend the program more highly.

-Shanti F
My husband and I were very impressed. We liked the academic dimension and the service component. More than anything, however, we liked the positive attitude that seemed to permeate throughout the group. In comparing Broadreach to other organizations that we have used, Broadreach had more organization and was more thorough regarding paperwork, office personnel who were on top of everything and prompt and thorough customer service. I would highly recommend Broadreach as an excellent organization that realizes there is nothing more valuable to a parent than his/her child.

-Rebecca S from Danville, IL
Adventure Peru was without doubt the most incredible, memorable, and eye-opening experience of my life. Not only did I have the rare opportunity to travel around an incredible country, living and working in remote places I'd never have the chance to be part of otherwise, but I got to do it with 13 other people who all shared my excitement for the work we were doing, people we were helping, and the intense amount of adventures we took part in. My favorite part of the trip was definitely the relationships I built during my 23 days abroad, both with those traveling with me, who I can honestly say are now as close to me as some of my friends back home, but also the locals we worked with (especially the younger children and the kids my age). I never thought it could be so easy talking to a complete stranger who didn't even speak my language, but my fluidity in Spanish improved immensely and I had some wonderful conversations that enabled me to get a glimpse into the lives of the kids I did service projects with as well as our guide on our incredible 3 day hiking trip through the majestic Andes. This trip was incredible and unforgettable because of all the people I got to know, the diversity of the service work we did, and the drastically different places we visited (the Andes, Cusco, and the Amazon) and I would recommend it 100%.

-Hayley H from New York, NY
It is difficult to convey adequately the superlative qualities of this program. Each facet — adventure backpacking in the Andes, Spanish language instruction at the hacienda, cultural immersion in a beautiful colonial city, community service — could have stood alone as justification for the trip. The leaders and organizers showed a gift and expertise in organization, attention to detail, vision, and the ability to realize their vision.

-Gardner B from Santa Rosa, CA
Broadreach's attention to every detail of the planning and the trip itself gave me the confidence to put my 15-year old daughter on a plane by herself at JFK, knowing she would have the experience of a lifetime...and she did! Her confidence in travel, her cultural awareness and her connection to her host family and friends.... all remarkable gifts from this trip! Thank you.

-Denise R from Wayne, NJ
The trip manages to combine the classroom learning experience with amazing adventures in the Caribbean in a way that amazed me. I feel like I had enough experiences for a lifetime! I loved the homestay, classes, surfing, sailing, and especially the people of the group!

-Nathaniel H
The integration of academics and adventure make Broadreach a truly unique program. The counselors are interesting, knowledgeable, and work well with teens. The communication between the office prior to, during, and after the trip is excellent. We have had two daughters and a niece participate in different programs. Each program was unique and each experience was priceless. The friendships they made on the trips have endured and they all enjoyed the adventure combined with learning and service.

-Dee O from Towson, MD


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