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Global Initiatives & School Partnerships

A partnership for global experiential learning

Broadreach’s global initiatives and school partnership programs are a collaboration between Broadreach and your school. Our team is here to help your school achieve your goals for global education and active experiential learning opportunities. Using our extensive experience in designing and coordinating international programs we aim to make global learning more accessible and easier for teachers and schools.

Custom programs
Broadreach facilitates custom experiential learning programs for schools that are interested in providing opportunities for students outside traditional learning environments. We understand that teachers and schools have limited time and resources; therefore we organize all the details and provide simple and thorough resources to prepare teachers, students, and parents for international travel.

Global Initiative programs
We have developed a new paradigm for global education. Through collaboration with schools we bring diverse learning experiences to students that match the needs of schools. Our core program philosophy is based on a three-phase learning cycle that incorporates pre-trip online multimedia resources, active service-learning experiences, and reflection to provide a holistic approach to global education. Each phase of learning is unique, interactive, and designed to provide an achievable customizable experience that is a new standard in experiential global education.

To learn more about our Global Initiatives and School Partnership program, please explore our Broadreach School Partnerships website.
Or contact Nate at 919-256-8208.

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