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At Broadreach, your student’s safety is our number one priority and every decision we make has that at the core of it. We are extremely proud of our exemplary safety record over the past 26 years, and believe that the combination of our year-round approach to risk management, in-country partners, thorough staff training and extensive experience planning and operating programs abroad allows us to focus on safety in a way that many other programs cannot. Below you will find general information about our comprehensive approach to risk management; if you have further questions about specific programs or activities, give us a call and we would love to discuss it with you.

Emergency Action Plans

For each of our programs, we have developed a detailed emergency action plan specific to its locations and activities. In the unlikely event of a medical emergency, we already know where the closest hospital is, how to get there, what facilities they have and whether they’re open 24 hours a day. We have already identified potential obstacles and resources to assist with medical care, evacuations or other emergencies. We know that in emergency situations, preparation is critical and our staff are provided with and review this material with our HQ staff ahead of time as part of their comprehensive pre-program preparation during our weeklong, in-person staff training. We also have a dedicated 24hr emergency hotline staffed by Broadreach HQ employees as an additional resource.

Comprehensive Risk Assessment and Reviews

For every program, activity or location, we conduct a thorough risk analysis and review it annually to make sure it has the latest up-to-date information. We stay informed year-round on local happenings for each location, and continually monitor possible situations throughout the year for anything that may necessitate a change in itinerary. Our in-country partners are local experts, adding yet another layer of safety into every activity. We carefully select ones who approach safety as rigorously as we do. Safety is paramount to us, and we make sure it’s equally as important to our partners.

Medically Trained Responders

On each program, at least one Broadreach instructor has their Wilderness First Aid (WFA) certification, is a certified Wilderness First Responder (EFR), Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) or equivalent. That team member knows how to respond to emergencies—even in the most remote settings. He or she knows how to treat minor wounds and manage potential infections, realigning fractures and dislocations, administer CPR and make sound medical decisions in time-sensitive situations.

Our Staff and Intensive Staff Training

We hire less than 10% of people that apply for positions at Broadreach because we want to make sure your students are getting the best. First, we look to hire staff members that are well traveled and have experience traveling while leading students. Then, before they ever set off on a Broadreach program, we put them through our own comprehensive staff training program that is well-known as the most thorough in the industry. In addition to individual program components and group management, this training focuses decision making, judgment and our approach to risk management.


At Broadreach, we think learning to evaluate, respect and manage risks is a critical part of the study abroad experience and a valuable life skill every student should learn. As such, we teach our students to share in the responsibility for their own safety and the safety of others on the course. We teach them what to look out for, how to be more aware and how to minimize risks to their own personal safety.

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