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Dominican Republic Marine Wilderness First Responder

This program is a perfect fit for the student looking to gain the skills needed to feel confident and independent while exploring the wilderness. Dedicate time to earning a Wilderness First Responder certification before diving into other Dominican adventures, like hiking to waterfalls, snorkeling the beaches and whitewater rafting! As a WFR, learn ways to treat common and critical medical conditions while exploring the lush wilderness.

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Day 1-7

Dive into the DR

Arrive in the vibrant city of Santo Domingo, meet your team and take in the historic sights from the rooftop patio of our hotel. Head to Las Galeras, a tiny beachfront town on the rugged Samana Peninsula where we begin the challenging and life changing 80-hour Wilderness First Responder certification. Under the instruction of expert medical professionals, learn how to handle a wide range of medical issues and emergency situations that could happen anytime, anywhere, whether close to home or hours away from modern medical facilities. Sharpen your skills through hands-on role playing and life-like medical scenarios in the backcountry. Take a break to try out surfing or snorkel in crystal clear waters.


Day 8-11

Hone your skills

We continue our WFR studies surrounded by a lush national rainforest at a private villa. Learn when and where to inject epinephrine. Assess whether or not an injured person can hike out of the wilderness or if you need to make a stretcher out of improvised materials. How do you stop massive bleeding? Or carry someone who is bigger than you are? Or handle an allergic reaction? Our busy days are punctuated with adventure: hike to a waterfall for a fresh water swim and enjoy an exhilarating whitewater rafting trip.


Day 12-17

Keep practicing

With a better understanding of both community and modern medicine, we enter another realm of community development — public health. Learn about global health trends and the specific challenges facing the Dominican Republic’s public health care system. Spend time in a rural clinic and help local health volunteers and professionals. Educate the community on topics ranging from nutrition, hygiene, AIDS and malaria prevention. When we are not discussing and implementing different health interventions, we experience rich culture. Our experiences give us a broader understanding of the various levels of health care available and the approaches to preventive medicine in this developing nation.


Day 18-21

Sun and surf

Celebrate all your hard work and new achievements with a visit to El Encuentro Beach, a friendly beach community on the Northern coast. Unwind with some well-deserved beach time, take on a new challenge and learn to surf, go on an incredible waterfall hike, and prepare to say goodbye to your newfound friends and this amazing country.

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