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High School Adventures

Caribbean Sailing Exploration

No sailing experience? No problem! For those wanting to explore sailing and life aboard a boat, this program offers a great start, as well as island exploration and leadership training.

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Day 1-2

Meet the crew

The ultimate goal of this action-packed voyage is to advance your sailing skills and set you up for a lifetime of sailing adventures to come. From the second you push off from Anse Marcel in St. Martin, it’s nonstop training, exploration and fun. On day one, practice raising the sails, tacking, helming and covering all parts of the boat. A short sail takes you to the uninhabited rocky cliffs of Ile Fourche, a tiny island off the coast of St. Barts for a sunrise hike and then snorkeling in a bountiful marine park.


Day 3-4

Practice, plan and sail

Your practice fields are the waters between Ile Fourche, Colombier, located on the northwest tip of St. Barts, and Gustavia. Do trial runs in preparation for a 50 nautical-mile sail to St. Kitts. In Gustavia, St. Barts’ stylish capital, visit island markets and learn how to provision for a sailing voyage. Sail Laser Picos and body surf great waves on Flamands Beach. Prior to setting out on the next leg of the adventure, learn the art of passage panning, which means estimating distances, looking at tides and detailing the navigational plan.


Day 5-7

Forts and fun

Chart a course for a 50-nautical mile voyage to the island of St. Kitts. Anchor in Ballast Bay and leap off the vessel for some serious fun on the water. Slip into one or two skis and try your hand at waterskiing. Then, grab a wakeboard and prepare to get wet. Put on your mask, snorkel and fins to discover the turtles, eagle rays and stingrays that swim just a foot below the water line. On dry land, travel into the heart of St. Kitts, across green rolling hills and to the historic Brimstone Hill Fort. This UNESCO World Heritage Site was built in the 17th century and is one of the best-preserved forts in the New World. Now back to your sloop for an early morning sail to Statia and new adventures to come.


Day 8-9

Give back

On the Dutch island of St. Eustatius, or Statia, gear up for a snorkel adventure. Get hands-on and take part in an underwater snorkel trash cleanup – the first of two service projects on the island. After exploring the town and meeting some of the locals, enjoy a BBQ dinner and take a moment to reflect on how much your group has accomplished in just over a week. On day nine, make your way to the Quill, and hike the crater of this dormant volcano which last erupted in 400 AD. You’re called upon to do some trail clearing and your efforts make the hike that much more rewarding. Grab some sleep before embarking on the last, and most challenging leg of the journey.


Day 10-12

Bring it all together

Bring everything you’ve learned together on a 50-nautical mile journey from Statia back to St. Martin. You’re familiar with all parts of the boat. You understand passage planning and navigation. In just 12 days, you’ve earned multiple sailing certifications, become an important member of a sail team and are confident at the helm. Before docking in port and saying goodbye to fellow crewmates, enjoy one last adventure on the island of Tintamarre. Snorkel a wreck, leap into warm waters and plan for your next sailing journey together.

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