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Bali Tropical Veterinary Experience

This program is for the curious student who is ready to take the next step toward understanding the veterinary profession. They’re excited to interact with every creature, from domesticated dogs to unfamiliar wildlife. There are opportunities for observation, practice with hands-on techniques and interaction with vibrant Balinese culture. We love how this program encourages students to push outside their comfort zones while embracing their passion for animal care.

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sun bear on tropical summer vet program in Bali
Teen feeding white cockatoo on tropical veterinary summer program
High school student playing with balinese children on vet summer program

Day 1-3

Welcome to Bali

Arrive in colorful and culturally rich Bali, a tropical paradise of rice paddies, temples, volcanoes and spectacular beaches. This is the first stop on a journey to wildlife rescue centers where you have the opportunity to work with professionals who care for rare and endangered species like sun bears, cassowaries, sea turtles, gibbons and peacocks. But first, begin with a thrilling rafting adventure down the Ayung, Bali’s longest river at close to 46 miles! Before digging into the veterinary medicine you came for, visit the Tegenungan Waterfall, which is surrounded by a breathtaking, lush jungle.


Day 4-11

Get up close and personal with endangered species

No time is wasted as you get to work at the wildlife rescue center. Here, part of the focus is on avian and exotic animal medicine. Log hours alongside veterinarians while learning how to perform necropsies on birds as well as fecal analysis and physical examinations. Practice both preventative and rehabilitation medicine as you help with ongoing re-release efforts. Find real reward in volunteering with an organization that works toward long-term survival of endangered species at the center. In addition to your work at the rescue center, get a behind-the-scenes look at the Bali Bird Park, learn how to handle snakes in a workshop and take a break from vet life to experience Bali’s unique temples.


Day 12-17

Rescue and rehabilitate

Travel to Ubud, Bali’s cultural center. This area is distinct for its unique crafts and rich history and for being a place of natural healing. That healing spirit extends to animals as you volunteer at a community spay and neuter clinic, visit a monkey forest and conclude your service with checkups of Bali dogs being protected in canine foster homes. You’ll have plenty of time to soak up Balinese and Ubudian traditions by attending an authentic Kecak Fire Dance, taking part in a batik-making workshop and spending time exploring nearby villages.


Day 18-22

Coral conservation

Venture to South Denpasar to learn about marine animal protection. Like many animals in this region, turtles are endangered – your work is focused on educating the public about ways to support turtle populations and providing sanctuary for young turtles until they are old enough to be released. As program comes to a close, you will explore Manta Point’s pristine reef in search of wild giant manta rays and surf the rolling waves of Kuta Beach.

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