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From La Vie Française to haute cuisine, advance your French conversation skills as you explore the language and techniques of Frances' culinary culture.

Let the richness of France envelop you in the fairytale alleyways of Briançon, a UNESCO World Heritage Site high in the snowcapped Alps, in Beziers, an historic city more than 2,000 years old, and naturally, in the eternal City of Light. From conversing with local residents to interactive language instruction, culinary lessons and a weeklong homestay, your French language skills will expand further than you might have imagined. Stroll with working sheep herders and witness the farm-to-table movement up close. Prepare group meals from the galley of a schooner as you cruise the Mediterranean coast. Stay in an intimate, authentically French manor and experience hands-on daily cooking instruction with a professional French chef. Visit the Cordon Bleu and savor new tastes in the patisseries and chocolatiers of Paris. You will leave with a strong connection to the heart of French culture, bringing home new language skills, recipes to share and a foundation of experience to build upon in your future francophone adventures.

Earn & Learn
France Language & Cuisine Earn & Learn

Earn & Learn

Broadreach combines your thirst for fun and adventure with tangible skill development, real-world educational opportunities and a genuine commitment to service. While on program, you’ll earn documented community service hours and even college credits. It’s what we call “Earn & Learn,” and it’s what you’ll take home as evidence of your many accomplishments.

France Language & Cuisine offers 3 interdisciplinary college credits through Lesley University. Additionally, students earn 6 hours of documented community service.

  • 1 year high school French


Course Description

This course offers a focused study of French in the unique context of cuisine. Through this format, you’ll develop advanced language skills while acquiring valuable cooking skills. With each new culinary technique mastered, practice the complementary language components that take you from beginner to practiced speaker, and novice cook to trained chef. By the end of this program, you will be an adept communicator on the topic of French cuisine and able to translate those language skills into various francophone settings.

Course Objectives
  • Improve French listening, reading, writing and speaking skills through formal language lessons and hands-on culinary instruction
  • Learn French grammar, syntax, verb tenses and conjugation, vocabulary and style
  • Develop oral communication skills to become an adept communicator in a variety of culinary settings
  • Obtain basic competencies in cuisine and will be able to prepare 2-3 traditional French dishes by the end of the course
  • Develop basic chef skills including cutting methods, sauce preparations and meal planning
  • Learn about French history and culture through discussions, workshops, lectures and a homestay
  • Explore the full life cycle of food and the processes behind oil pressing, cheese production and bread making
  • Experience the ‘artisanal’ aspect of French cuisine and participate in Europe’s growing farm-to-table movement


Through service, gain a more meaningful connection to the cultures and communities you explore while taking an active role to address important global issues at the local level. While in France, your service provides the opportunity to collaborate with locals, challenge your French skills in new contexts, and contribute to ongoing projects in the regions you visit. Your projects are determined by the needs of the organizations at the time, but possible projects include:

  • Work with a local organization to provide food assistance to families in need
  • Work with a local school to provide English lessons and language exchange opportunities

6 Service Hours

3 College Credits

France Language & Cuisine Itinerary



At 4,350 feet, Briançon is the highest city in France, where a walled Old Town looks out toward snowy and jagged peaks and breathtaking scenery in every direction. Commune with authentic, beret-wearing sheep herders and experience what living off the land truly means. Relax in a French gîte, or chalet, after nonstop days of hiking remote trails, marveling at waterfalls and whitewater rafting in the shadow of the Alps. Before heading to the south of France for your next adventure, join local residents in a hands-on agricultural workshop and learn about the source of this area’s many regional specialties.

Beziers, France

Spend a week exploring the ancient Roman city of Beziers, founded in 36 B.C., and homestay with a local family for a true francophone experience. Here, your intensive language studies are amplified with unique, real life adventures. Go château hopping and make your way to the famed church of Ste. Madeline. Bike the grand Canal du Midi where the movie Chocolat was filmed. In Beziers, hands-on workshops focus on how French cuisine relates to culture, providing opportunities to sample the area’s wondrous charcuterie, cheeses and crème brûlée catalane, a dessert bursting with orange and cinnamon flavors. Before leaving, take time to give back to this community that has given you so much by lending a hand to local schools and charitable organizations.


Head to the coast of southern France and the seaside village of Sète, often referred to as the Venice of the Languedoc region. Settle into the former home of famous French singer and poet Georges Brassens, who likely composed many of his greatest hits here in this idyllic setting. Soak in the beautiful scenery with a sailing and kayaking adventure along the Mediterranean coast. Then dock back in Sète and explore the city’s prized seafood delicacies including oysters, mussels and more — always ordering in French, of course.


Next it’s on to the rolling green hill countryside of central France for three days of morning French lessons and formal cooking lessons with a professional French chef. Stay in a small French country manor and participate in daily cooking lessons that allow both your knife and language skills to rise to the top. Converse entirely in French as you learn the art of French baking. Then enjoy a bounty of rich chocolate éclairs, buttery croissants and delicate macarons, all created by you.


No cultural trip to France would be complete without climbing the Eiffel Tower, cruising along the Seine, marveling at Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa in the Louvre and visiting the Paris Opera. But before saying goodbye to new friends, savor one more adventure in the patisseries and chocolate shops of this romantic city. Explore the world of professional chefs and visit working kitchens. Visit the famed Patisserie Ladurée on the Champs-Élysées, which dates back to 1862. Most of all, delight in the world’s most famous culinary creations on a gastronomic tasting tour through delicious Paris.

  • Trip Highlights

  • Explore Paris, the City of Lights, and take a cooking class at the Le Cordon Bleu
  • Take part in hands-on culinary workshops and cooking lessons
  • Live with a local family, learning about real French life
  • Hunt for truffles & choose fresh ingredients from rural farms and along the coast
  • Hike the stunning French Alps
  • Sail along the Mediterranean coast, taking in small coastal villages
France Language & Cuisine Reviews & Testimonials

Reviews & Testimonials

Maria Starkey from Lexington, KY

Our daughter was able to ‘see’ and ‘experience’ the country of France in a real way. The home stay with French family was so good for her to use her French and begin to feel confident. The family she stayed with took much time to have long dinners and learn about her and her family and life having her speak all in French. The cultural part of the trip might have had a few more experiences like to go into the Louvre’ but all-in-all that is more the kind of touristy things that all people do when they go. So the jumping from metro to RER trains and experiencing France on a bike (Versailles) and hiking in the Alps and traveling on that let of the trip into those parts of Italy and Switzerland were things that other trips don’t offer. The home stay is the type of trip that most teens get to experience but this had a chaperoned (of course) part with the hiking and, getting to stay in hostels along the way that has taught our daughter a new way to ‘see a country.’

It was just the trip of a lifetime and she has done nothing but rave about it since she has been home. We would highly recommend it to others!!

Dee Oseroff-Varnell from Towson, MD

The integration of academics and adventure make Broadreach a truly unique program. The counselors are interesting, knowledgeable, and work well with teens. The communication between the office prior to, during, and after the trip is excellent. We have had two daughters and a niece participate in different programs. Each program was unique and each experience was priceless. The friendships they made on the trips have endured and they all enjoyed the adventure combined with learning and service.

Carol and John Taggart from Skippack, PA

Madeline came home with an awareness for new experiences, new challenges and of course new friends. These new experiences have helped shape her character and will last a lifetime. What great memories!

Karen Raskopf from Dallas, TX

Our daughter was on the French Immersion Program, and it was everything we hoped for and more! Nothing we would change at all. The right amount of supervision and freedom. The itinerary was great. She loved the community service. She’ll always remember the hike through the Alps. She didn’t want to leave the Eurocenter. Plus she really improved her French. She didn’t want to come home! She made great friends and had an experience she will remember the rest of her life. GREAT job!

Testimonial - Megan Fosha from Dallas, TX

The homestay in Amboise was definitely a favorite of mine. I learned so much and made friends from all over the world. Hiking in the Alps was quite an experience as well. Everything was great.

Melanie Cox from Bryn Mawr, PA

Fantastic all the way around! The adventure was professionally run and was the perfect combination of fun, work, accomplishment, and service. We lived for the terrific journal updates! We will definitely recommend this to friends, and will be sending our other children as well!

Testimonial - Dani Berstein from New York, NY

The hike in the Alps was definitely an amazing experience and something I wouldn’t have otherwise had the chance to do. I definitely made friends and learned a lot on the trip.

Testimonial - Rachel Clark from Sammamish, WA

Some of my favorite activities we did were hiking in the Chamonix Alps, going to see the Tour de France, and eating all the absolutely amazing French food! I learned so much about myself and also about French through ordering food and our classes.

Testimonial - Nancy Astle from Huntersville, NC

This was a wonderful opportunity for Stephanie, and I know she really enjoyed herself. She came home with a different perspective of her world and a better appreciation for other cultures. Overall she had a great time with the group and the leaders.

France Language & Cuisine FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the tuition cost and what additional expenses should I expect?

Tuition is all inclusive for instruction, food, accommodations, and activities from the time you arrive in country. However, you are responsible for your airfare, spending money (we suggest about $150-200 depending on the program), any required textbooks, and student expenses such as medical fees. Some trips require scuba gear which can be rented, purchased or in some cases borrowed from Broadreach. Finally, for our high school trips that offer college credit, you can elect to receive an official Lesley University credit transcript for approximately $180 per credit hour. For more information about expenses that might apply to your program, click here.

How does travel work?

For most programs, we have a few recommended flights and an arrival time range, and we usually give you the option to book flights on your own or through our travel agency partner. A few programs have required group flights, which we set up in advance. Students travel independently, but often meet up along the way, and we collect student itinerary details. Broadreach instructors will be waiting in the arrivals hall of the destination airport to greet each student, and they’ll be wearing special shirts and holding a Broadreach sign. We also mail students Broadreach shirts to wear while traveling which makes it easy for them to identify each other. Typically, making travel arrangements and the actual travel days go very smoothly.

How does Broadreach address safety?

Safety is our top priority, and it is something we evaluate from every angle throughout the year. We’re very proud of our safety record over the past 26 years of running international programs for students. There are so many ways to address how we handle safety, including the extensive experience and training of our instructors, the specific locations we choose to visit, the relationships we have established with our local partners, and the 24/7 support we provide our groups. We have extensive program-specific risk management plans and safety standards that we adhere to. We’d be happy to talk about safety in more detail for the program you’re considering if you’d like to call our office.

Do I need to purchase travel insurance?

We require that students have at least $100,000 of emergency evacuation coverage and some kind of international medical coverage, as well as coverage for scuba diving for programs that include diving. We offer two different policy options, or if you already have a policy that meets this criteria, we would just collect those policy details after enrollment.

Our Tuition Protection policy covers cancellations for medical reasons up to 100% and for any other reason up to 75% (except for residents of NY state). It’s also a great comprehensive travel insurance policy, including medical coverage, emergency evacuation, travel delay, baggage (loss or delay), etc. The cost of the policy ranges from $319-379 based on the program duration. For more specific coverage details, please call our office.

Who will my instructors be?

Broadreach instructors are highly experienced, passionate, energetic and supportive. The average age of our instructors is 28 years old, and depending on the program, they meet specific qualifications (a Master’s degree in the subject area, PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor certification, foreign language fluency, Wilderness First Responder certification, etc).

Do your programs accommodate food preferences or food allergies?

We do our best to accommodate allergies and food preferences but we consider the situation, country and the program to determine whether it will be a good fit for the specific dietary restriction. It’s important that you let Broadreach know well in advance of any food preferences or allergies so we can determine whether your restrictions will work on your program.

Can I contact Broadreach alumni families for more information?

Absolutely! Just call our office and we can put you in touch with past participants who have joined the programs that interest you. Our alumni families are happy to share their first-person experiences.

How does payment work? Is the deposit or tuition refundable?

We require a non-refundable deposit of $1000 to lock in your spot, and then the final balance can be spread out and paid in a few different ways. The final payment is requested by about 3 months before departure. Our optional tuition protection plan covers cancellations for medical reasons up to 100% and cancellations for any other reason up to 75% (except for residents of NY state).

What do the academics involve? How do college credits work? What if I don’t take the program for credit?

Academics will vary by program but usually include journals, discussions, lectures, research projects, and a midterm and final exam. We expect all of our students to participate fully in the academic course work on our programs, regardless of whether they have chosen to take it for official college credit.

We partner with Lesley University in Cambridge, MA to offer college credit for our academic high school and college programs. Those credits are widely accepted at colleges and universities all over North America, and we can often let you know if an alumni student has transferred those credits to a specific school in the past. For more details, click here.

Do you offer any discounts or scholarships?

In the fall, we have a few different early enrollment discounts– please call our office for more information. We also offer a 5% discount on the second enrollment from the same immediate family in a summer. This offer is available to an individual student or siblings. The 5% discount will be applied to the program of lesser cost, and cannot be combined with any other discounts.

We do offer some scholarships through the Broadreach Foundation. Please visit for more information and to apply online for scholarships.

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