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Fiji Shark Behavior + Conservation

Observe sharks up close in their natural habitat as you build your research skills. Gain a deep understanding of one of the ocean’s most important and misunderstood species while experiencing the rich culture of Fiji.

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Days immersed in the world of sharks

  • Scuba dive with sharks in a renowned marine reserve to observe their biology and behavior, and to begin to explore ecological and social significance of sharks in Fiji.
  • Get familiar with the research methods used by marine and shark biologists and hone your surveying techniques.
  • Analyze and contribute to key conservation efforts working alongside professionals in the field, conduct research projects on shark behavior and come up with creative ideas to support shark protection.
  • Collaborate with local researchers to combat the misrepresentation of sharks in the media.
  • Spend time in a Fijian village, hear from locals about the historical significance of sharks and explore the cultural connections between Fijian civilization and these majestic creatures.
May 25 - June 17 $7,280 Available Enroll Now
“This was so much more than a college course – it was an experience that allowed me to learn, appreciate and experience the best parts of Fijian culture. I did not even think that was going to be part of the trip. Broadreach was not just studying abroad, it was learning to integrate into the culture and learning as much as we could about the people. I will forever suggest Broadreach to peers who are considering studying abroad.” Aadil, college alumnus


College Credits


Scuba Certification


Service Hours

Three natural science credits available through Lesley University. 

Course description: This course surveys the natural history, biology, behavior, ecological and social importance and conservation of sharks.

Course objectives:

  • Examine sharks from an interdisciplinary perspective, including comparative anatomy, physiology, animal behavior, conservation and related international policy.
  • Survey major shark groupings, distinguishing and comparing them.
  • Understand the importance of diversity and apex predators in maintaining ecological health of tropical marine ecosystems.
  • Explore the use of Marine Protected Areas with a focus in shark conservation and the importance of connectivity of marine habitats.

One PADI scuba certification available:

  • PADI Advanced Open Water Diver

Eight hours of service learning and data collection, maintenance and rebuilding projects, and collection of fish abundance data to add to the REEF Database.


  • PADI Open Water Diver certification.
  • Must be at least 18 years old and a high school graduate to participate.
  • Must be one year out of high school or have completed one semester of college.
  • Prior completion of a high school or college biology course required.