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Caribbean PADI Scuba Instructor

For those wanting to complete their PADI Instructor certification with a group of likeminded people and the support of our Broadreach instructors, this all-inclusive course helps you navigate the practical, academic and logistical aspects of becoming an Open Water Scuba Instructor!

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Day 1-4

Prepare for your future

Ready to turn your passion for scuba diving into your career? You’ve come to the right place. Arrive in St. Martin and head to Simpson’s Bay, your home for the next few weeks, and prepare for the exciting journey of earning your PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI) certification. Orient yourself to and dive right into the work–learning about the PADI method of teaching and working towards an instructor level of knowledge while performing reviews of the skills honed while earning your Divemaster. After class, there’s always time to head down to the beach to enjoy some time in the surf and relax after a full day of activities.


Day 5-7

Practice makes perfect

Learn how to share your love of the aquatic world with others by practicing different teaching techniques and receiving feedback all along the way from our IDC Course Director. After rounds of teaching different topics, both above and below the surface, earn your Assistant Instructor (AI) certification, the first IDC milestone! Don’t celebrate for too long though because it’s time to venture out into open water for more advanced teacher training and to prepare for the next steps ahead.


Day 8-13

Emergency responders

It’s time to check the next certification on the IDC path off your list, Emergency First Response Instructor (EFRI). Refresh your EFR knowledge with primary and secondary care training scenarios and learn how to teach CPR. Continue with classroom and in-water presentations showcasing your newfound teaching abilities and hone your demonstration skills. It’s an intense few days, but you’ll be surprised at how fun, engaging and satisfying it is to be so close to your goal.


Day 14-16

This is it

Everything you’ve been learning, doing and practicing is for this moment– your Instructor Exam (IE). After some last minute study sessions with your fellow candidates, it’s time to take the test and showcase everything you’ve learned. Post-exam, celebrate with your new fellow PADI scuba instructors and reflect at the sheer magnitude of everything you’ve accomplished in just a few short weeks. Return home from the Caribbean with a clear path to follow your passion diving, ready to nurture future generations of aspiring divers.

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