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British Columbia Marine Mammal Studies 

This expert-led expedition goes way beyond any ordinary whale watch tour. Kayak with humpbacks and orcas in their natural habitat. Then live and work at a remote biological field station. 

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Experience a close encounter of the marine mammal kind. On and around dramatic Vancouver Island, BC, witness the harbor seals, porpoises, dolphins, sea lions and whales that come here to play in a wondrous natural playground. Learn about these animals as you kayak through their tranquil home waters of the Johnstone Straight. Camp on the beach and hear their songs off in the distance. Hunt for knowledge alongside marine scientists, researchers and naturalist guides in stunning wilderness settings. Turn their ecosystems inside out and help make them better when you’re done. It’s challenging. It’s up close. It’s personal. It’s unlike anything else back home. 

marine mammal marine biology summer program for high school students
“I had the time of my life reconnecting with nature and making good friends at the same time!” — Rachael Kobernick, Houston, TX


  • Study marine mammals in their natural habitat
  • Sea kayak remote and rugged coastline
  • Live and study at a research field station
  • Work alongside marine biologists
  • Assist with whale behavior research
  • Explore remote islands and whaling towns
  • Spend the night at the Vancouver Aquarium

Experience Required

  • High school biology preferred

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Costs & Dates

British Columbia Marine Mammal Studies
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Dates Days Grades Cost
Jun 24–Jul 15 22 9-12 $6180
Jul 19–Aug 9 22 9-12 $6180
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  • 3 College
  • 5 Community
    Service Hrs

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