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Bahamas Marine Biology 

On the islands of Andros and San Salvador, get a taste of real-world marine biology on multiple dives, lab work and research adventures, led by scientists working in the field.  

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At the Forfar and Gerace Research Centers in the Bahamas, classrooms are more then a bunch of desks inside four walls. They’re reef walls teeming with brightly colored marine life and descending to 6000 feet. They’re also mangrove channels, mesmerizing blue holes, seagrass beds and blindingly white beaches. Aspiring marine biologists come to both with a budding interest and fascination with the underwater world and, with the guidance of professional scientists, nurture it into a full-blown, hands-on exploration of tropical marine biology.

Master the study and analysis of coral reefs. Dive your way to advanced PADI specialty certifications. Anchor traditional learning with an unrestrained sense of wonder and adventure. Then return with perhaps the most rewarding three college credits you will ever earn. 

Teen marine biologist summer program in Bahamas
“I’ve been diving for years but never had the chance to observe corals and fish I learned about in lectures the night before.” — Wells Johnson, San Francisco, CA


  • Experience hands-on marine biology studies and research at two different research stations
  • Explore thriving reefs and snorkel in a blue hole
  • Take part in marine ecology projects
  • Collect data for the REEF Fish Survey Project
  • Earn scuba certifications
  • Island exploration and cave tour

Experience Required

  • No Experience Necessary

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Bahamas Marine Biology
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Jun 15–Jul 7 23 9-12 $6980
Jul 13–Aug 4 23 9-12 $6980
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