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Caribbean Marine Engineering 

Explore the colorful history and modern-day craft of boat building in the Caribbean. Then set out to add your own handmade vessel to its crystal clear blue waters.  

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In just three weeks, learn how to make a small boat of your own design and creation with your bare hands. This skill-intense adventure begins with a 10-day live-aboard sailing voyage from Grenada to the sailor’s paradise of Bequia. We lay the foundation with an exploration into the physics, engineering and design principles involved in boat construction. As we pass hundreds of boats at sea and even more docked in marina after marina, we are filled with inspiration and ideas.  

sailing summer program for high school students
“Broadreach was a dream that came true for our daughter who brought home new goals and insight for her future.” — Jo and DeAnn Wheeler, Black Mountain, NC


  • 10-day sailing voyage from Grenada to Bequia
  • Island exploration and waterfall hikes
  • Explore traditional boat building methods with local craftsmen who have been building Caribbean boats for centuries
  • Learn boat design principles and use CAD to finalize your own boat design
  • Build a wooden boat from scratch with your own hands

Experience Required

  • No experience necessary

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