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Bahamas Marine Biology 


The journey begins on the island of Andros, rich with Bahamian history and a sense of adventure. Following Columbus’ landfall in the Bahamas in 1492, the Spanish arrived on Andros around 1550. During the 18th century, pirates staked positions on the island to prey on passing ships traveling between Cuba and Florida. In the 1970s, Jacques Cousteau filmed the now famous Andros' Blue Holes here. This summer, you'll have a chance to create your own story of adventure and discovery on this stretch of paradise in the northern Bahamas.

Base camp on San Salvador is at the Gerace Research Center, located on the north shore of the 63 square-mile island. A former submarine tracking base, this field station is crawling distance to rich snorkel and dive sites teaming with large schools of research subjects. On San Salvador, marine biology is best studied experientially, on the reefs, in the sea grass beds and mangrove channels and on miles and miles of endless beaches, which is exactly how you do it.

“Of all the ways to end our spectacular trip, dancing on the beach, a raging fire and booming music by the sea was the best.” — Lizzy McCarthy, London, England

While it’s still being debated to this day, San Salvador is believed by many to be the site where Columbus first discovered the New World. 520 years later, a multitude of discoveries are still taking place on this secluded stretch of paradise in the eastern Bahamas. Only this time they’re mostly happening underwater. Go beyond the underwater classroom and venture to the Dixon Hill lighthouse. Meet the locals in Cockburn Town. Mingle with iguanas at Green Cay. Chill on emerald-blue Grotto Beach. Then dive down into underwater research labs. Welcome to the new world of marine biology.

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The Bahamas

Small in terms of size. Big in terms of marine biology discoveries, friendship and fun.

Snorkeling. Diving. Bodysurfing. Exploring. If it’s supposedly better in the Bahamas, it’s the best on the islands of Andros & San Salvador.

swim in the blue holes of the bahamasCaptain Bill's Blue Hole
Jump off the dock and dive down to explore hidden caves beneath the island in this freshwater hole, a blue oasis surrounded by a lush national park.

Bahamas marine biology summer program for high school students Dixon Hill Lighthouse
Built in 1887, it’s one of the last hand-operated, kerosene-lit lighthouses in the world. Climb 160 feet all the way up to the top and enjoy 19 miles of clear views.

perform research on marine life in the bahamasForfar Field Station
On the island of Andros, Forfar provides unbelievable access to the nearby barrier reef, surrounding blue holes and first class research equipment.

Gerace Research Center, BahamasGerace Research Center
A hands-on, field learning center for a variety of sciences, including marine science.

Explore the bahamas on morgans bluffMorgan's Bluff
The calm waters and deep caves around Morgan's Bluff, the highest point on Andros, was the perfect location for pirate Henry Morgan to hide his treasure.

Bahamas summer marine biology programsSan Salvador
What appears to be a small island is actually the peak of an underwater mountain rising over 15,000 feet from the ocean floor.

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