Trip Itinerary


Travel Photography


Day 1-3

Ciao Italia!

We don’t just land in Rome, we arrive ready to explore this sophisticated city, practice the art of street photography and discover the city’s rich history on tours of the landmark sights, including the ancient Colosseum, Piazza Venezia and world-famous Trevi Fountain. Learn the basics of photography and its history, which will help to make your photos look truly bellissimo throughout the trip and beyond.


Day 4-7

Small town lifestyle

In true Italian fashion, we train to our next destination: Florence! Cityscapes and world-renowned museums are tempting, but we venture toward the countryside for an authentic farmstay. Participate in a cooking class, learning to make traditional favorites like pasta, bruschetta or gelato. Practice your portraiture with vineyards, stables and fields as the perfect Italian backdrop. We also spend a day away from the farm exploring the big city. Admire Ghiberti’s gold-plated doors and practice panoramic photography from the Firenze Piazzo del Duomo.


Day 8-11

Views for days

Our journey continues along Italy’s Riviera, where you’ll be blown away by lush mountains that jut right out of the sea and entranced by the colorful fishing villages and warm locals of Cinque Terre. Stay in an idyllic town and spend your days hiking trails or exploring iconic Mediterranean beaches. Swim in crystal clear waters and learn to document each night’s spectacular sunset. Everywhere we go reveals another hidden gem and memorable sight.


Day 12-14

Italy’s greatest hits

Our journey ends in Milan where you’ll soak up Italian history while capturing panoramic scenes at the Milan Cathedral, Italy’s largest church, then at the 15th century Sforza Castle and Basilica di Sant’Ambrogio. Our final task is to curate a collection of travel photographs that illustrates our unique and colorful journey through Italy together.