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There are so many ways to explore the underwater realm.

We have a dozen extraordinary marine biology programs, each one challenging, hands-on and rewarding in its own unique way. Our marine biology adventures are about active, experiential learning alongside marine scientists and researchers working in the field. Where else can you tag nesting sea turtles on a moonlit beach or scuba dive in a classroom of sparkling blue waters? Above and below the water, examine diverse marine ecosystems and gain a better understanding of the vastness and mysteries of the ocean and its creatures. Whether you’re observing sharks in Fiji or examining rare corals in the Caribbean, our expert-led programs will deepen your passion for exploration and strengthen your commitment to marine conservation.

  • Marine Biology Program Features

  • Conduct research alongside professional marine biologists
  • Help implement sustainable marine conservation initiatives
  • Learn with the ocean as your classroom and the coral reefs as your labs
  • Study a wide variety of marine life and ecosystems
  • Land and boat-based programs available

Marine Biology Programs

MS Current Grades 6-8
HS Current Grades 9-12
C Currently in College
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