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French Summer Camps

Our French language immersion camps take students beyond the classroom, into the castles of France, beach towns of Guadeloupe and homes of locals.

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We take high school students on one-of-a-kind French language programs in Europe and the French West Indies. Our trips are hands-on, live-as-a-local, immersive experiences. When you order a patisserie in the Loire Valley, you do so in French. No translators. No French-to-English phone apps. No phrase books. Ultimately, what you come out with is more than just college credit and a better understanding of the language. You emerge with an ability to navigate foreign lands, confidently engage with people from different backgrounds, and get a head start on college.

French summer camps abroad for teenagers
“The homestay experience was very valuable. It was one of my favorite parts and I was able to really practice my French. ” —Delaney Sondag

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