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12-Day Adventures

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Experience a condensed version of Broadreach packed with learning, achievement and fun.

Our 12–day adventures allow you to take away the best of Broadreach in a shorter itinerary. If your summer schedule won’t allow for a three or four week adventure, or you’re interested in our lower cost program options, our 12–day adventures are a great way to go. These focused experiences hone in on the essence of Broadreach – hands-on skill building, real-world learning experiences, meaningful service opportunities and endless fun – and pack in a broad array of activities. Spend 12 exhilarating days studying marine science out at sea, learning to dive and sail in the Caribbean or receiving an introduction to medicine in Costa Rica. Most of these trips are a perfect starting point for beginners with little to no experience, while still offering plenty of challenge for experienced Broadreachers interested in exploring a new focus or building on existing skills.

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“Broadreach is a wonderful program that allows young teens like myself to get a glimpse of the real world and all of the wonderful things that are open to us. Thank you Broadreach for putting together a safe, informational, and unforgettable trip that I will be talking about for the rest of my life!”— Faith Edwin
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