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The ultimate Broadreach experience spans three to four weeks and offers an in-depth exploration of places, cultures and topics as far reaching as your own aspirations.

Maybe you dream of one day becoming a marine scientists or ecologists working to preserving precious habitats and wildlife. Or perhaps you are a thrill seeker in search of new skills and challenges to expand your list of adventures. Whatever your goals and wherever your passions may lie, Broadreach is a great place to find yourself. Step aboard a yacht with a small group likeminded adventurers for a sailing and diving expedition through the breathtaking blue waters of the Caribbean. Dramatically improve your Spanish while you explore ancient civilizations, take part in rich cultural traditions and immerse yourself in the day-to-day life of welcoming communities throughout Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Peru or Ecuador. Combine a love for outdoor adventure with valuable practical training in the field of emergency medicine as your earn your Wilderness First Responder while hiking through rainforests, tubing down a jungle river, spelunking and visiting ruins in Belize. With more than 50 full-length programs venturing to over 40 countries, there really is no limit to how far you can go or how much you can achieve with Broadreach.

three week marine biology summer camp for teens three week medical camp for high school students wilderness adventure summer camp for teens
four week marine science summer program in British Columbia three week Spanish summer camp for high school students in Peru three to four week summer camps in the Caribbean four week wildlife summer camp in South Africa 3 week photography camp for high school students in Panama Four week Spanish summer camp in Ecuador Three week scuba camp in the Caribbean 4 week summer program for high school students in South Africa
“This trip has opened up my world in a way that only Broadreach ever could. Hiking through tropical rainforests, kayaking through rainstorms and boating all around islands has given me a level of experience in three weeks that I never could have gotten in any other way. ”— Katherine Hunsaker
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