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Why you should study abroad on a boat

Why You Should Study Abroad on a Boat

By: Julia Zaremba, GoAbroad.com High School Adventures, Middle School, Parents, Scuba, Sailing, Marine Biology

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Other than the fact that high school at sea is just as fun as it sounds, there’s no shortage of responsible gains: invaluable experiences, a global network of friends and connections, personal growth, course credits, environmental education, and a whole treasure chest of professional resume content. See also: starry nights and millions of fish kisses.

Wave hello to those extra blue skies and jump on board!

Do I need a specific major for high school at sea? I don’t know what I want to study yet!

Unless you’ve been going to ballet classes three times a day since age two, there’s a big chance that you’re still undecided as to what profession to dedicate your life to. And that’s A-okay.

High school is all about figuring out what floats your boat and, whether you are already a frequent flier member or this is your first study abroad experience, meaningful travel experiences help do just that.

While those with a passion for marine biology, conservation, and natural sciences will certainly get a big step-up content-wise for college studies, a high school at sea program is beneficial for anyone and looks stellar on any type of resume.

What WOW!’s the most is the fact that you decided to invest time meaningfully, expand education voluntarily, and take action rather than just fishing upon a star. Plus, the personal development gained from such an experience is really what’ll separate your admission from the school of low-swimming fishes.

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