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Scuba diving in the Red Sea

By: Daphne Williams, high school alumna High School Adventures, Scuba

I absolutely loved my experience on the Red Sea. From start to finish it exceeded all my expectations and hopes. It was safe, intriguing and gave me an experience I will never forget. The trip was a fairytale adventure where I was immersed in the setting of eastern culture, people, diving, sea life, sunken treasures, desert, camels, off-roading adventures, liveaboards, and O yea, did I say diving!

I wanted to go Red Sea because I read in Sport Diver Magazine that it was one of the premier diving places in the world. I was overjoyed when I saw that BroadReach had a trip out there. I was so glad I chose this trip. The diving was so unbelievable!! The water was warm and always teeming with little fish, there were huge colorful reefs, sharks, turtles, wrecks and a variety of other breathtaking sea life.

I must admit I was a little apprehensive about going to an Arabic culture not knowing exactly how they were going to treat women. But, it turns out that I had nothing to worry about. Everyone was very nice and would bend over backwards to get you anything you needed. In fact, I didn’t even have to carry any of my dive gear or luggage for an extended period of time at any point in the trip. This trip has definitely changed my view of the Arabic culture and people forever for the better.

Diving was the main purpose of this trip and the diving was fantastic but, there were other memorable experiences worth mentioning that happened in between those awesome dives. I mean, who could forget the mid-day naps in the hammocks, the jeep excursions, the camel rides, waking up at midnight to climb Mt.Sinai to see a beautiful sunrise, sledding down sand dunes, or eating the interesting food we were served three times a day. Those things made the trip worth telling to all the non-divers who wouldn’t exactly understand the excitement of just the dive stories themselves.

The highlight and most memorable times of my adventure, by far though, were those shared with Tucker and Kurt, my Broadreach staff, and my fellow Broadreach adventurers. We had so many hilarious moments and inside jokes, and it just amazed me that through everything we all got along. I really can not say enough good things about them, each one of us brought something new and interesting to the group that made everything so much better. I consider them all my friends and they will permanently stay in my memory forever.

Yes, I loved my adventure—for me it was a wild excursion that surpassed my wildest dreams. The diving was excellent, the people were pleasant, the culture was different and interesting, and the friendships made will last forever. This adventure was truly exciting and rewarding.

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