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Reflecting on Summer 2021: The Magic of Broadreach

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What makes a Broadreach summer adventure unique? We asked our staff and students past and present.

“Life-changing” “Amazing.’ ‘Impactful.’ ‘Best summer ever.’ It’s hard to describe a Broadreach trip without using cliches. But it’s true. There’s something about a group of 8-12 teens coming together that is completely life-changing, amazing, and impactful.

Summer 2021 was particularly special. For many of us, it marked the first time that we were able to gather in person and travel since the start of the pandemic. The end of the year is typically a time of reflection. We asked Broadreach alumni and former staff for feedback on what made their trip so unforgettable. Here’s what they told us:

Spectacular places

What was the best part of your Broadreach program? Seeing Saba, the sunrise hike on Ile Fourchue, St. Lucia, Waking up on the deck of the boat to the sun rising over Tintamarre

Some Broadreach students have traveled internationally. A few had already visited their program locations. Part of the beauty of a Broadreach program, though, is that it allows you to see places inaccessible to most tourists. When else would you get the chance to hike a deserted island at dawn, watch the sunrise from the deck of a boat, or trek through the rain forest?

Unforgettable new experiences

What was the best part of your Broadreach program? Ocean showers! Living on a sailboat for 3 weeks! My first night dive. Everything from the well planned dives to the last minute games - no bad things. Diving with sea turtles. Being able to jump in the water with my BFF whenever.

Besides seeing some of the most gorgeous places on the planet, the thrill of experiencing things for the first time is unparalleled. Sharing them with a group of new friends? Even better. Whether it’s getting used to life on a boat (who can forget boat showers and cleanup dance parties) or learning new skills (like taking your first breath underwater), Broadreach adventures are full of new experiences.

The freedom that comes with mapping your day as a group is another unique part of the Broadreach experience. Life on program is a break from usual routines and structure. Instead, your group comes together to plan your schedule and accomplish goals as a team. Responsibilities like cooking and cleaning, working on dive skills, plotting your course to the next island, and observing wildlife are balanced with time to hang out in the sun, paddleboard, and jump off the side of the boat with your friends.

Find your people and discover your passions

What was the best part of your Broadreach program? Meeting new friends from all over the world; meeting lifelong friends; all the amazing pepole I met; meeting new friends and becoming really close with them; becoming a divemaster and dive instructor with some of the best people I have met in life

By far, friendships formed on program were mentioned most frequently when we asked former students and staff about their favorite part of their Broadreach experience. When you’re outside your usual environment, you can connect with others on another level, sharing interests and new experiences. From the students who leave their comfort zone to join us on programs around the world to the amazing instructors who enthusiastically share their expertise and experience: the Broadreach community is what makes each summer so special.

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of our Broadreach family for helping create something truly extraordinary.