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Hunting for the perfect gift for your adventurous teen can be difficult

Gifts for the adventurous teenager

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Read on for gift ideas any Broadreach teen would love to get

Do you have a Broadreach middle school or high school student on your list?  We know hunting for the perfect gift for an adventurous teen can be difficult. That’s why we’ve asked our staff for some awesome gift recommendations that the budding diver, sailor, biologist, or veterinarian in your life would love.

For the teen diver:

Scuba diving teen

Once you’ve caught the diving bug, dive gear is a good investment, as most serious divers will have their own gear.  A dive computer is a great piece to gift since you won’t have to guess on the fit like you would with a mask, BCD, or wetsuit. Here are our top picks:

  • Suunto D4i: This watch-sized dive computer comes in tons of colors. Broadreach Caribbean Operations Manager, Claire, says, “The D4i is the classic staff favorite! I’ve had mine for years and love it, and it’s the computer most of our dive instructors swear by. If you look at the photo in my staff bio, you’ll actually see mine in blue.”
  • Aqua Lung i300C: The i300c dive computer is another great option for teen divers. If you’ve done a scuba trip with us, they may look familiar, as these are the computers we use on most of our programs! While it’s bulkier and less stylish than the D4i, it’s a great, reliable dive computer that can also be with all the features you need at a slightly lower price point. A bonus: it’s available as a wrist computer or console computer.
  • Mares Puck Pro: If you’re not sure how long your teen diver’s passion for diving will last, the Mares Puck Pro is a good option at a budget price point. It comes in several colors, is easy to use, and is durable enough to be tossed into a dive bag, making it an excellent option for a beginning diver.

For the teen traveler:

A good quality duffel or backpacking backpack will see your teen through their travels for years to come. Marketing Coordinator, Bethany, says, “When I graduated high school, my parents gave me a set of luggage. It was special to use the luggage on my travels around the world and think of my mom and dad back home!”

A good duffel will make sure your teen stays comfortable and mobile – they’re easier to store on a boat or stuff into an overhead bin. Broadreach skipper, Fran, says, “Duffel bags are the best option for the reduced storage space of a sailboat. Look for the ones that are waterproof and have backpack straps for easier portability, like the North Face Base Camp or Patagonia Black Hole Duffel.”

If your teen is going on a Broadreach trip this summer, check the packing list in your portal for specific size requirements.

Remembering past adventures is great when you’re at home between travels. A photo book, memento shadow box, or framed photo to memorialize your teen’s Broadreach trip is a great way to help them keep their memories alive.

For teens who love the water:

Students in Egypt wearing towel ponchos

If you’ve lived on a boat for any period of time, you’ll understand the simple pleasure of a clean, dry towel. We typically recommend students bring a few with them, particularly on liveaboard programs, so lightweight pack towels make a great stocking stuffer.

However, if you want something a bit more exciting, pick up a hooded towel poncho, like these from Dock and Bay. Study Abroad Coordinator, Virginia, says, “I grabbed a towel poncho for a recent dive trip to the Galapagos, and it was a total game-changer. Not only is it nice to put on when you come out of the water, but as a bonus, you can also change under it, too!”

We also love that the towels come in different colors and designs – a must when you’re living on a boat with 11 other teens with the same quick-dry towel!

Long-sleeved rashguards are another Broadreach packing list must-have. When you’re spending long days outdoors, long-sleeved rash guards protect your skin in and out of the water – plus, they’ll help you avoid the infamous PFD tan!

For the teen conservationist:

For those of us passionate about protecting the environment, there are some great ways to give back while giving gifts!

4Ocean bracelets are not only made from recycled plastic bottles, but they also commit to recovering 1 pound of trash from oceans, rivers, and coastlines for each bracelet sold.

Fahlo bracelets are another great option for sea turtle or shark fans. A percentage of each of their Journey bracelets sold goes to the Sea Turtle Conservancy. Plus, you receive the photo and vitals of a real sea turtle with the ability to track them across the ocean. The Voyage bracelet comes with an adopted shark and helps support Saving the Blue.

If you want to support marine life but don’t think your teen would enjoy a bracelet, you can adopt a shark on their behalf. Beqa Adventure Divers, our partner for the Fiji Shark Studies program, gives you the opportunity to adopt a shark for a year.

Bonus stocking stuffers:

From early morning sunrise hikes to late-night sea turtle beach patrols, a headlamp comes in handy for almost every Broadreach adventure. We recommend Petzl or Black Diamond brand.

Dry bags are great for keeping your gear or valuables dry during activities like rafting or just from general life aboard a boat. Sea to Summit dry bags are a great option that comes in a variety of sizes and weights depending on your needs. You can check your Broadreach packing list for information on what size we recommend for your trip.

For the Broadreach pup: 

Broadreach pup jumps into water

While we don’t accept canines on program, our office pups are an essential part of our HQ operations and we felt it important to include them in the guide. Broadreach pup, Neilly, recommends this sea turtle toy. “I love that I can chew this soft squeaky toy with a clear conscience, knowing that it is made from recycled plastic bottles. Best of all, it floats so I can take it with me when I go swimming in the lake!”

Of course, we believe that experiences make the best gifts. If you want to give your teen a truly life-changing experience, we’ve made it easier for you to gift a Broadreach adventure. Through December 31, 2021, you’ll get $200 off any summer 2022 program tuition with code BRGIFT21. And since a Broadreach program doesn’t fit easily into a gift box, we’ll also send our US-based students a special gift to unwrap when you enroll them with the code! Just be sure to enroll before December 14th if you want the wrapped gift to arrive by December 25th. Tip: if you want the trip to be a surprise, be sure to put your own email address instead of your student’s email on the enrollment form so they don’t get any spoilers ahead of time.