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The Evolution of Broadreach Programs

By: Broadreach HQ High School Adventures, Middle School, Parents, Scuba, Sailing, Marine Biology, Vet Medicine, Wildlife Conservation

It’s been almost 30 years since Broadreach launched its first adventure kayaking and camping around the British Virgin Islands! Since then, we have designed and led students on thousands of programs all over the world. For us, a critical aspect of program design is evaluation of how our programs are serving students and reflection on any opportunities to serve them better.

We have always organized program sessions so that students travel with peers of a similar age. The bonds formed within their small groups are an extremely powerful part of the student experience on our programs. Programs and trip sessions have also always been tailored to specific age groups operationally, with activities and challenges that are a good match for their age and experience levels. To demonstrate our commitment to delivering summer programs that are designed to serve students at different stages, we’ve reorganized our website to provide a clearer view of how our programs are designed specifically (and differently) for middle school and high school students.

Middle school programs, like our 12-Day Scuba + Sailing Discoveries, focus on introducing students to traveling independently, help acclimate them to being a vital part of a group and encourage them to develop their curiosities and interests in a supported environment. Middle school students try new things as a group and to work through challenges together.

High school adventures, such as our Costa Rica Veterinary Experience, encourage deep learning while still providing plenty of opportunity for exploration. Expectations for student behavior and performance evolve with maturity, as do levels of independence and challenge. High school students also have access to specific programs in which they can earn college credit and more advanced scuba and sailing certifications.

In better differentiating our middle school and high school adventures, we have found it necessary to adjust some of our historic Caribbean offerings. Rather than running middle school and high school trip sessions under a common program, we’ve created distinct programs – such as the 21-Day Scuba + Sailing Voyage middle school and high school programs –  that are more clearly tailored to the important experiences and dynamics of each age group. While these programs are similar in name and logistics, the experiences and challenges that students are exposed to will vary based on what will suit each age group best.

Whatever their age, Broadreach loves working with students to help them find adventures that allow them to unlock access to new opportunities abroad, deeply explore topics that fascinate them in the field and to build skills that will support them abroad and at home.

Explore Broadreach middle school and high school adventures. For more insight on which program may be best for you or your student, connect with us – we’d love to talk with you!