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Trip Updates

Read about our adventures abroad for middle school, high school and college students while they are happening! You can search for summer trip updates either by student last name or program name.


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    Featured Trip Updates

    Check out featured trip updates from Broadreach’s adventures!

    Cloud Forest Return

    Ecuador & Galapagos Biodiversity

    We left the Eco-Lodge on June 22nd with Mark and Alexis to go hike up to Rancho Alto Coca. We were supplied rubber boots for hiking the night ...

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    The Day Out

    Fiji Shark Studies

    The Day Out We woke up in the morning at 7:00 am greeted with the sweet smell of pancakes. As we all filled up on a wonderful breakfast, ...

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    Time to Chill Bru

    South Africa Ultimate Predators

    Chill Bru: Relax, my mate. Take it easy. Today we were able to sleep in until 7:45 which was much needed after the jam packed day we had ...

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    Breaking Boundaries

    British Columbia Marine Mammal Ecology

    “On the northwest coast, there is no graceful interval between the ocean and the trees. From the beach you can see as far as height and horizon ...

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    FishRFriends NotFood

    Fiji Shark Studies

    Today was a day full of fun learning and exciting dives! This morning we all woke up at 7:00am (we are finally starting to adjust to time change ...

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    Bodysurf Beach

    Caribbean Arc Sailing Voyage

    Night, Ile Fourche. A spray of stars silhouettes the mountains, shattering across the sky and swirling through the clouds, bursting with ...

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