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Trip Updates

Read about our adventures abroad for middle school, high school and college students while they are happening! You can search for summer trip updates either by student last name or program name.


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    Featured Trip Updates

    Check out featured trip updates from Broadreach’s adventures!

    Marigot or Marigold?

    Harvard-Westlake Caribbean Marine Conservation

    Hey everyone, Alex here: reporting from the Port of Marigot, St. Maarten. The Manao is anchored in a gorgeous bay surrounded by a plethora ...

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    Deep Dives

    Caribbean Master Diver

    Today after waking up to some eggs and toast, we got our SCUBA gear ready to do the ultimate navigation dive. In pairs we plunged into the water ...

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    Salmon Snorkel

    British Columbia Marine Mammal Studies

    Having had yet another sleepless night, the day began at 5:00am when the unmistakable sound of heavy rain was heard throughout the campsite. ...

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    No Sardines, No Prob

    South Africa Ultimate Predators

    Today the group woke up bright and early at 7:00 AM to get ready for the day’s adventure. We all got together for breakfast and talked about ...

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    The Big Babs Theory

    Fiji Shark Studies

    To start off a new week, we woke up early for breakfast at 7:00 to begin our morning with another shark dive! After taking a break yesterday ...

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    Persitence in Beauty

    Peru Spanish & Service

    Today, (June 29th) was a milestone for not only me as an individual, but the group (family?). I am ecstatic to say I am a part of. The last ...

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